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911 Driving School Hits Headlines


911 Driving School is best known for its driver services, where they inspire, educate, engage and motivate drivers of all ages to put safety first behind the wheel.

Recently, 911 was featured in PoliceOne, an online publication serving current and former police, to tell the story of 911 franchisee Jeff Westover who is positively influencing his community in Pierce County, Washington.

“It is rewarding. You are willing to give your life for another person as a cop. In this situation, you get to save lives and don’t have to risk yours doing it,” he said in the article. “We’re beating those national averages. We have lower fatality rates, lower ticket counts than other driving schools here. (Instructors) are out in the community making a positive difference. They are providing a service that truly will save someone’s life.”

Click here to read the full article in PoliceOne.

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Keep Drivers and the Public Safe on Halloween with these Driving Tips


The scariest part of Halloween isn’t the costumes, haunted houses or movies. It’s a day when, on average, twice as many child pedestrians are killed to other days of the year.

In order to combat the perpetuation of these statistics, 911 Driving School, which provides defensive driving courses and drivers education classes for adults and teens, has put together a list of driver safety tips for Halloween:

  • Children and adults alike wear dark costumes, and the days are getting shorter. Chances are good that you’ll see people out and about – practice defensive driving when behind the wheel, and always drive very slowly in residential areas, observing traffic laws, school zones and speed limits and taking special care to look around before turning.
  • Always use your turn signals, even if you’re in your own neighborhood or close to home. People may be difficult to spot in costume; expect the unexpected.
  • Decorations can be a distraction – keep your eyes open for large objects such as pumpkins in the road and flashing lights.
  • Check your city’s posted times for trick-or-treating, and avoid driving during these times if possible.

For more information on these and other driving tips, or to sign up for safe driving classes in your area, click here.

Child Passenger Safety Week is Approaching – Check Your Car to Prevent a Tragedy

Child Passenger Safety Week

Quickly approaching, Child Passenger Safety Week (Sept. 18-24) and National Seat Check Saturday (Sept. 24) are the perfect time to refresh yourself on the newest safety rules for driving in cars with children.

Car crashes are a leading cause of death in the 1-13 age group, and the majority of these deaths and injuries can be prevented by the proper use of car seats, boosters and seat belts. One of the most important things to remember: weight restrictions are important to child car safety.

Each car seat has its own weight limits, and kids need different seats for different stages of life. From birth until they exceed the weight limit for a booster seat and can safely ride without one, make sure that children are properly protected. After all, car seats reduce the risk of kids being killed in cars by up to 71 percent.

Always refer to your car seat manufacturer’s guidelines as well as federal laws for the most up-to-date information on weight limits – it’s worth a few minutes of research to make sure the kids are safe.

At 911 Driving School, students learn the importance of these critical safety rules – find a location near you here.