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Keep Drivers and the Public Safe on Halloween with these Driving Tips

The scariest part of Halloween isn’t the costumes, haunted houses or movies. It’s a day when, on average, twice as many child pedestrians are killed to other days of the year.

In order to combat the perpetuation of these statistics, 911 Driving School, which provides defensive driving courses and drivers education classes for adults and teens, has put together a list of driver safety tips for Halloween:

  • Children and adults alike wear dark costumes, and the days are getting shorter. Chances are good that you’ll see people out and about – practice defensive driving when behind the wheel, and always drive very slowly in residential areas, observing traffic laws, school zones and speed limits and taking special care to look around before turning.
  • Always use your turn signals, even if you’re in your own neighborhood or close to home. People may be difficult to spot in costume; expect the unexpected.
  • Decorations can be a distraction – keep your eyes open for large objects such as pumpkins in the road and flashing lights.
  • Check your city’s posted times for trick-or-treating, and avoid driving during these times if possible.

For more information on these and other driving tips, or to sign up for safe driving classes in your area, click here.

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