911 Driving School Services

At 911 Driving School, we want to see you out on the road and enjoying the new freedom (and responsibility) that a driver’s license offers.

We also want to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone, so we work to develop teens and adults into skilled, conscientious drivers through the services offered at our driving school.

These services include:

Teen Driving School

Our teen drivers’ courses cover the needs of students at different levels.

  • The Basic Course – Master the fundamentals with classroom and behind-the-wheel training. 
  • The Conventional Course – Take full advantage of a course led by a trained public safety officer.
  • The Advanced Course – This is perfect for teens that need a little more driving practice.

Make sure your teens understand the rules of the road, the necessary skills, and the responsibility that comes with gaining a driver’s license.

Adult Driver Education

These drivers’ courses are tailored specifically to adults who either want to improve their skills behind the wheel or acquire their first license.

New and inexperienced drivers can use these courses to learn from highly qualified instructors. Drivers who have incurred moving violations (or had licenses revoked) can take these classes to get back on the road. And adults who are new to the country can take this opportunity to get a license. 

Private Driving Lessons 

Things change for us as the years go by. 

These courses were designed to help mature drivers in a wide range of aspects, from saving money on insurance to refreshing your driving skills.

These classes are intended for drivers 55 and older, and are taught by our law enforcement instructors. They cover topics like the effects of medication on driving, minimizing dangerous blind spots, and more.

*Not offered at all locations. Please check location nearest you for course offerings. 

Defensive Driving Class

Learn the skills that could save your life.

This program will help you minimize the risks of collision by anticipating and avoiding dangerous situations.

Whether you are required to attend these courses because of a driving infraction, or you just want to improve your driving knowledge and skills, these classes will help you develop the instincts for making the best decisions on the road.

*Not offered at all locations. Please check the location nearest you for course offerings. 

Online Practice Tests

Make sure you’re ready to pass your knowledge test on the first try. Get to know what types of questions you can expect so you can go into your test with confidence.

For a small fee, you can take unlimited practice tests that are created from a bank of more than 250 questions. This is particularly useful if the student tends to get nervous when they take tests.

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Take advantage of these services at 911 Driving School to gain the skills and knowledge you need to get out on the open road.