Top Questions Teen Ask Before Driving

Top Questions Teens Ask Before Driving

Learning to drive a car is exciting and intimidating all at once. There are many people who are going to have questions before driving a car. Some parents have experience helping a new driver go through the licensing process, but there are many who do not. When teens and parents are asking about what to expect, here are some of the top questions teens (and parents!) will ask.

Do I need to know how to fix a car before driving?

No. Drivers do need to know how to drive a car and that involves some information about how cars work, but not in depth. There are some basic things you should know, like what the dashboard lights mean and how to put gas in the car. During the driving test, most instructors do not ask you to pull over and show them how you would change the oil or switch out an alternator.

When can my friends ride in the car with me? 

The answer to this question will vary state to state. Most require a waiting period to have friends in the vehicle with a newly licensed teen driver. Some states will do a graduated licensing program that slowly lets friends in the car over time while other states have a strict time limit for anyone but family in the car. Look into your state’s laws on having friends in the car.

Why are there so many restrictions on new drivers? 

New drivers are still getting used to driving. Even though many start before the licensing age with practice driving hours with a permit, having a license changes things for new drivers. For starters, once you have a license, new drivers are no longer required to always have a licensed driver in the passenger seat. The stress of driving alone is real at first and having friends or other distractions in the car can be dangerous.

There are a lot of laws to remember when driving. Most of these laws become easy to remember the longer you drive. When first starting out, it may take more practice before remembering all the little pieces of information at once. Controlling distractions gives new drivers the ability to focus more and think about the laws. Giving new drivers a chance to adjust is a great way to keep everyone on the road safe.

What is the process to get my driver’s license?

There are many variances between states, so check your local laws and requirements. The basic process for a license involves taking driving classes from an accredited school. There are testing requirements for knowing the laws and a driving test where an instructor rides in the car to pass off specific skills. Most states require a certain amount of driving hours with a driving permit before licensing too. The timing and specific requirements will vary by state. 

What if I don’t want to drive yet? 

Not everyone is ready to drive at the same time. There is nothing wrong with waiting if you do not want to get your driver’s license right at 16. Some choose to get a driver’s license just so they can have it as a form of identification or in case they decide they do want to drive in the future. Others choose to get a driver’s license as an adult. If you miss taking driver’s education classes as a teen, that’s no problem. We offer adult driving lessons in addition to teen drivers education for those who want a license later in life.

If you are getting ready to enter into a driver’s education class and have more questions, feel free to contact us. We are happy to walk you through learning expectations and how to make the most out of your driver’s education experience.