Serving the Students of the Cascade School District

911 Driving School

We are scheduling a class to start on September 22nd, All of the Classroom portion of the class will be online


This class is limited to 15 students and will be done at 6PM. The first class will be on Monday and then all classes will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

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Drives will be done in Leavenworth and East Wenatchee as always.

Wenatchee 911 Driving School at Cascade High School

Serving the Students of the Cascade School District

At 911 Driving School, we make it easy to participate in a driver’s education course and prepare for your knowledge and skill tests while attending Cascade High School. We offer a simple and engaging option for new teen drivers so you can get the practical training you need and a foundation in the basics of collision avoidance and defensive driving.

We understand that most students lead very busy lives, but these courses can fit right into your schedule so you can take the first step toward getting your license.

Teen Drivers Program

At our professional driving school, we offer a drivers ed  for teens which includes all the classroom and behind-the-wheel hours you need before you take your tests. This program covers a wide range of topics, from knowing how your car works to handling emergencies that may occur out on the road.

We understand that teaching teens to drive is a serious responsibility, and we’re dedicated to helping every student understand the importance of these defensive driving lessons.

What Makes 911 Driving School Different?

Our Washington Driving School is staffed with instructors who have experience as police officers. They’ve seen it all, and they bring a very unique and applicable perspective to the classroom.

911 Driving School students will get to hear real life experiences and discover insights that they wouldn’t get in any other classroom setting.

Get Enrolled Today

Getting your driver’s license is a huge milestone in life. It’s a sign of new independence and responsibility, but the proper training and studying has to come first.

We’re ready to help you complete your courses, pass your tests, and hit the open road.

Enroll in driving lessons today and take this first step toward becoming a better driver.


Package Name Package Description Price Sign up
30 Hours Classroom Instruction
5 Hours Behind the Wheel Instruction
1 Hour Observation
4 Hours State of the Art Drive Simulation

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$450.00 Sign up


Package Name Package Price Sign up
Knowledge Test 1 WA State Knowledge Test
$30.00 Sign up


WA Teen Drivers Safety Education & Certification (Basic)

Basic Course- For those seeking to gain the basics of safe driving.

  • Classroom instruction and behind the wheel training to meet your state’s basic requirements
  • 30 hours in class
  • 4 hours state of the art driving simulation
  • 5 hours of driving
  • 5 hours of driving observation



If your account is paid in full by the first day of class, you will receive a coupon redeemable for the first two attempts at the Knowledge test.
No other coupons accepted at this time.


Adult Driving

Please contact school for details.