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What Does My Teen Need To Enroll In Driver’s Ed?

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Before getting their license, your teen must complete an approved driver’s training course, like one of 911 Driving School’s drivers ed for teens courses. You can help your teen prepare for driver’s ed by making sure they have everything they need. Here are the requirements for enrolling in driver’s ed for teens:

Minimum Age Requirements

A permit is needed to attend teen driving school. Your teen must meet your state’s minimum age requirements before applying for a driver’s permit. In most states, the minimum age requirement for a teen ap

plying for a driver’s permit is at least 15 years old.

Restricted permits and licenses are offered in some states for teens as young as 14 ½. These teens must meet special requirements and have a valid reason for needing a driver’s permit and driver’s license at a young age.

Prepare to Apply for a Driver’s Permit

Before your teen can participate in any behind-the-wheel practice or training classes, they must have their driver’s permit. Help your teen prepare to apply for their driver’s permit by researching your state’s requirements.

New drivers must complete some or all of their driver’s knowledge courses before obtaining their permit in some states, while others allow teens to get their driver’s permit when they choose a driver’s ed program and begin their classes.

Most states require teens to have their parent’s consent to obtain a driver’s permit. They must show proof of identification, complete an application, and pay a fee. There may be additional requirements depending on where you live.

Pick a Drivers Ed for Teens Course

911 Driving School offers a variety of driving lessons for teen drivers. We provide online test prep for all 50 states. Before enrolling in a driver’s ed course, easily compare class options on our website.

Tiers of Driver’s Ed Courses

We have three different tiers of driver’s ed courses available to our new learners. You can choose which level is best for your teen based on how much driving experience they have.

Our Teen Driving Basic Course teaches the foundations of driving. The course provides classroom instruction and behind-the-wheel training required by your state. This option is best for students who will not need additional support from the instructors.

Our Teen Driving Conventional Course teaches everything in the Teen Driving Basic Course. It gives additional instruction and behind-the-wheel training. This course is best for students who need extra learning time and support to pass their driver’s licensing exams.

Our Teen Driving Advanced Course teaches everything in the Teen Driving Basic Course but offers the most behind-the-wheel training of all available courses. This course is best for students with little to no experience driving who need extra support and practice time.

Depending on your state, your teen might have two options when taking the knowledge-based driver’s ed classes. Check with your local 911 Driving School to see whether online or in-person courses are available.

Online Course Options

Online courses are beneficial because your teen can complete the courses on their time to fit their schedule. These lessons are helpful to your teen because they will be able to go back and study before taking their exams. Classes are reviewable after your teen has completed them.

In-Person Course Options

In-person courses help keep your teen accountable. They run on a set schedule and take place in a classroom setting. Your teen can get answers to their questions from a trained and experienced instructor.

Prepare for Behind-the-Wheel Training

When enrolling your teen in driver’s ed, it is a good idea to research the requirements for behind-the-wheel and at-home training. We suggest that your teen have access to a car so they can practice their driving skills outside of class with a parent. Your teen must meet the state’s minimum insurance requirements.

Gather Necessary Materials and Supplies

Your teen will need a few materials and supplies for driver’s ed. They must make an online account and pay for their chosen course. Your teen should take notes to help them remember the curriculum. If you choose an online course, your teen must have access to a computer and the Internet so they can enroll in driver’s ed.

Make sure your teen has the appropriate attire before enrolling in behind-the-wheel training. Your teen must wear closed-toed shoes during driving training. It’s a good idea for your teen to have at least one pair of approved shoes before enrolling them in driver’s ed.

Choose 9-1-1 Driving School

911 Driving School has the experience and knowledge you can trust. Our instructors are highly trained and experienced police officers, firefighters, and EMS responders. Our professional instructors and state-of-the-art technology can prepare your teen for their final driving exam. Research the necessary requirements for your state and meet with one of our instructors today to discuss course options.

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