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Driving Lessons for Adults

Are you an adult driver who would like to improve your driving skills or has never had the opportunity to learn to drive? No problem. 911 Driving School wants to equip each student, regardless of age, with the skills and abilities to be a safe driver and to ultimately experience the freedom and independence that comes from getting a driver’s license. 

Our adult Driver’s Ed is the first step in a student’s journey in becoming a legal, licensed driver. Not only are we committed to equipping each student with the skills and knowledge to pass their state’s driving tests, but our adult driver education is also aimed at helping students become the best driver possible.

Who Should Attend Adult Driver Education?

911 Driving School has designed adult and teen driver’s education programs for new, inexperienced drivers who need initial or additional drivers training. Our Driver’s Ed courses are great for adults who are new to this country, have incurred violations or accidents that have eroded their confidence, drivers who have gotten their licenses revoked or drivers who simply want to learn how to be better drivers. 

911 Driving School and its group of highly trained instructors are the perfect solutions to prepare you to drive or improve your driving skills. We provide the following adult driver education programs to both licensed drivers and those holding a driver’s permit:

  • behind-the-wheel adult driving classes to improve current drivers
  • training for adults who are first-time drivers
  • customized programs to fit your individual needs

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Why Choose 911 Driving School?

Why Should I Choose 911 Driving School for an Adult Drivers Education?

The most important aspect of any adult driver’s education class is SAFETY, and the best safety feature you can add to your car is yourself, a well-trained driver. Below are some of the reason you should consider your adult driver’s ed online through 911 Driving School:

Experienced, Qualified Instructors

While other driving schools hire and train their instructors, our instructors are already familiar with local state driving laws. This is because they are police officers, EMTs, and firefighters. What better way to begin learning to be the best driver you can be than getting instruction from a law enforcement officer or an emergency first responder?

Quality, Up-to-Date Courses, and Instruction

In our adult driver’s ed online and in-person behind the wheel training, we teach students only the latest, most current state driving laws and driver’s license requirements. Being armed with solid knowledge and experience, adult students can feel confident in their driving and successfully be prepared to take their state’s driving tests.

We Are a Franchise

By being established on a franchise business model, we get to be more involved in the local community. By being a franchise, we’re better able to partner with local emergency personnel and police officers.

We Offer a Variety of Adult Driver’s Ed Online Courses

911 Driving School has adult driver’s education courses for both licensed drivers who want to improve their safe driving skills and adult drivers who wish to get their driver’s license.

We Have the Expertise

We have a long and strong track record in successfully helping students pass their state’s driving tests. We started off in one location in Washington and have since expanded into four additional states, with more on the way. Our school’s success comes from a combination of factors including our experienced law enforcement and emergency personnel instructors, our interactive classes and state-of-the-art classrooms.

Learn to Be a Safe Driver

At 911 Driving School, our adult driver education courses are geared to do more than teach the rules and laws of the road. Our law enforcement and emergency response instructors also emphasize the importance of driver safety behind the wheel.

Convenient Driver’s Ed Online Courses

We offer convenient online courses for new adult drivers in locations in CaliforniaColorado, and Ohio.  Additionally, we provide online practice tests that are valid for successfully passing driving tests in all 50 states. It is important to note that each state has its own requirements that need to be fulfilled to obtain a driver’s license.

911 Driving School also offers driver’s education courses for new teen drivers. Students of our teen driver’s education can choose from online or in-person classroom learning that is also taught by police officers, firefighters, and EMTs. We also provide state driving resources and parent resources to help both students and their guardians learn how to be legal, safe drivers.

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