Online Driver’s Ed Practice Tests

You can pass your written/knowledge test for your driver’s license on the first try if you are fully prepared and understand what to expect during the exam.

Unfortunately, a lot of would-be drivers aren’t as prepared as they could be, and end up taking this test more than once before they receive a passing grade.

The written test makes up 50% of your requirements for getting a license, so give yourself the best chance to pass with flying colors by using the 911 Driving School online practice tests.

What to Expect

When you register, you can take advantage of unlimited practice tests created from a bank of more than 250 questions. (We also offer a supplemental drivers ed program online for those students who really want to know every detail about driving.)

You can easily access all the information you need to start preparing for your tests, and the questions are presented in a way that will familiarize you with the actual testing experience. 

These questions will cover every aspect of driving in general along with the things you need to know to stay as safe as possible out on the road.

The goal of the written exam is to test your understanding of the rules of the road as well as your knowledge of how to effectively operate a car. That means your test (and your practice tests) will cover everything from simple questions about vehicle operations, turning, reversing, and more. It will also dive into elements of road safety, like who has the right of way and how to react in unexpected situations. 

Other topics might include defensive driving skills, the meanings of road signs, driving in bad weather conditions, and more.

Why Take a Driver’s Ed Practice Test Online? 

At 911 Driving School, we offer engaging and effective online practice tests so you can take all the time you need to get prepared and feel confident about your actual test. We want to help improve your chances of passing your knowledge test on the first try.

Many students end up taking the written test several times before achieving a passing grade. This could be for many reasons. Maybe they haven’t prepared as well as they thought. Maybe test anxiety get a little overwhelming. Maybe they just don’t take it seriously.

You don’t have to fall into any of those categories, though.

Sign up for your practice test today and give yourself the knowledge and experience you need to pass on the first try. 

Need more information on driving lessons in your area to help you prepare for written and road exams? Take a look through our courses and locations to find the one that suits you best so you can ace your driving test.