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Teen Drivers Education

Drivers education is a big step in every teen’s life that carries a lot of responsibility. Helping students get off on the right foot with the best education possible is our main goal. 911 Driving School is the best choice for putting your student on the right track to safety and success.

What makes 911 Driving School different? It’s our instructors. At 911, we hire only the very best police officers and first responders to instruct our drivers education classes. The Instructor’s knowledge and firsthand experiences are the keys to retaining meaningful information for students in a way no other curriculum can. Our students leave the program knowing what a great responsibility it is to be using a driver’s license.

911 Driving School offers a variety of teen drivers education programs. Choosing the right one is an important decision and we know you’ll find these classes to be the best value and highest quality training. The Teen Drivers Safety Education and Certification Course will teach students important topics such as:

  • The Foundations of Safe Driving
  • Signals, Signs and Markings
  • Safe Driving Techniques
  • Rules of the Road
  • Knowing How Your Car Works
  • Starting and Stopping
  • Parking, Braking and Turns
  • Roadway Conditions and Car Handling
  • Sharing the Road
  • How to Handle Emergencies
  • State Drivers Test Preparation

Along with classroom theory and instruction, the student will participate in hands-on driving time with 911 Driving School instructors. Students practice their defensive driving skills on local roads and on the highway.

They also practice parking and other techniques essential to successful driving, along with the skills required to pass the driver’s test. One advantage our teen driving school offers is the ability to get extra time behind the wheel with the instructor for a small fee. If this is something you are interested in doing for any reason, talk to your instructor about scheduling extra time.

Our defensive driving school courses are engineered to help students at all levels to get their driver’s license. With different levels available, it can be hard to know which one is right for your teen driver. Here is a basic description of each class offered by 911 Driving School. All classes are not available at each of our locations, so make sure you ask before beginning the enrollment process.

The Basic Course

911 Driving School offers a variety of Teen Driver’s Education programs to meet every student’s needs. The Teen Driving – Basic Course is designed for those seeking to gain the basics of safe driving. With classroom instruction and behind the wheel training our Basic Course meets your state’s basic requirements. This is a great option for students who do not need a lot of extra time or attention from instructors.

Conventional Course

Doesn’t your student deserve the training, experience and knowledge only a trained officer or first responder can bring to their driving school experience?

Our Teen Driving Conventional Course is designed for the average who may require a little more time as a new driver to learn the material. With the required classroom instruction and more behind the wheel training than our Basic Course, the Conventional Course meets your state’s basic requirements. The difference all is found in the amount of time spent with our very experienced and knowledgeable teachers.

Advanced Course

911 Driving School is instructed by the very best police officers and first responders. Isn’t that what your student deserves?

To help meet our student’s needs, we also offer the Teen Driving – Advanced Course. It is recommended for the driver needing a little more practice than those in the other two course options. With the same required classroom instruction as the other levels, this option provides your student with the most time available behind the wheel. This Advanced Course meets your state’s basic requirements for licensing but offers the best option for preparing your student for the challenges of driving.

Again, these programs are not offered at all our locations. For information about programs offered at the school nearest you, enter your zip code in the “Get Started” box or click here.

Choose 911 Driving School

If you are looking for the best drivers education experience, give us a try. There is no other school that can provide the type of experience and knowledge our instructors provide because they are trained police officers and first responders. Contact us today with any questions you have about our program.