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Defensive Driving Classes

Defensive driving skills can literally save your life.

At 911 Driving School, we hire only the very best police officers and first responders to ensure you get the most effective education in defensive driving possible.

When we say defensive driving, we’re talking about more than mastering some basic skills and memorizing a few rules and guidelines. These courses are designed specifically to help minimize the risks of collisions on the road by developing your ability to anticipate and avoid dangerous situations.

It’s true that most drivers who attend a defensive driving course are required to be there because of a traffic infraction or to reduce insurance costs. Even though you may have to be there, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

At 911 Driving School, we offer a program that will help you achieve your defensive driving certification without feeling like you’ve been sent to jail for the day. These classes are different from our regular adult and teen driving classes because they’re tailored specifically to help you develop the skills and knowledge to stay safe on the road.

Defensive driving graduates will:

  • Improve their driving knowledge
  • Increase their understanding of local traffic laws
  • Be taught by experienced 911 Driving School instructors
  • Learn through multi-media, interactive presentations
  • Participate in a fun learning environment in a state-of-the-art classroom
  • Learn the latest safe driving techniques and strategies
  • Learn how conditions and circumstances affect people, vehicles and roads

In other words, you will learn how to defend yourself from collisions caused by poor weather, bad road conditions, unsafe drivers, and many more potential hazards.

It’s easy to say that defensive driving is about respecting other drivers, staying alert, and being aware. We want to make these behaviors second nature while you’re behind the wheel, so our teachers all have first-hand knowledge of what happens when people don’t drive defensively.

Why Take Defensive Driving Courses?

Traffic safety school may be ordered by district/municipal courts as a diversion program. Once you have successfully completed 911 Driving School’s Defensive Driving Class, you may be allowed to keep a traffic infraction off your driving record.

Be sure to first check with your referring court prior to taking the course for your eligibility.

There are also cases where drivers may qualify for a “deferred finding” if it is requested during a mitigation or during a contested hearing. In order for a deferred finding to not appear on your driving record, the judge may set one or more conditions, including:

  • No additional traffic violations over 6 to 12 months
  • Attend a traffic school
  • Compliance with other traffic related conditions
  • Some states may allow a deferred finding only once every 7 years

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the court/insurance acceptance before taking any traffic safety course for ticket dismissal, fine/point reduction or insurance cost reduction.

Contact your local 911 Driving School for more information.


Defensive Driving – Level I Designed to teach the basics of safe driving

  • Traffic School
  • Ticket Dismissal
  • Point Reduction
  • Ticket Diversion
  • Insurance Discount

Contact your local 911 local 911 Driving School for more information.


Defensive Driving – Level II Designed to teach the basics of safe driving

  • Traffic School
  • Ticket Dismissal
  • Point Reduction
  • Ticket Diversion
  • Insurance Discount

Contact your local 911 local 911 Driving School for more information.

Never Stop Learning

Whether you are taking defensive driving courses to mask a ticket on your record, to reduce your insurance costs, or because it was mandated after a number of traffic infractions, everyone can benefit by improving your skills on the road.

A collision can happen in an instant, and how you respond in that moment will make all the difference.

These classes will help you develop the instincts and knowledge to make the choices and perform the maneuvers to reduce the severity and frequency of collision-related injuries or fatalities.

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