Knowledge, Experience and Trust

Selecting teen drivers education is a time of mixed emotions and concerns. It’s important to find a driving school that you can trust with great instructors and a curriculum that will develop your son or daughter into a capable and safe driver. We believe there are several reasons to place your trust in 911 Driving School.

  • The Best Instructors, Police Officers
  • A State of the Art Classroom
  • Great Vehicles that are Safe and Fun to Drive
  • Excellent Curriculum

Is there anyone, other than yourself, who you would trust more in the passenger seat while your child is learning to drive than a police officer? Police officers are constantly trained in the most current traffic laws and state of the art techniques for safe driving. You will find yourself asking your student what they learned at 911 Driving School, so you can be as up-to-date as they are!

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“I truly enjoy working with each student, as I see them progress into a responsible and confident driver. I am proud to say that many graduates and parents have contacted me and commended the 911 Driving School for their dedication to the quality of instruction provided”. Bill Michels – 911 Driving School Instructor