SPRING BREAK SPECIAL! $50 OFF TEEN PACKAGES ($495-650) Full Payment Required-Three classes to choose from!

911 Driving School

What makes 911 Driving School different?

ALL of our instructors are police officers.  Experience, Knowledge and Trust are what they bring to our school.

The officers’ knowledge and experience will prepare your student for the great responsibility that comes with obtaining a driver’s license.  We offer a small class size experience, and ONLY do 1 on 1 behind the wheel drives. Take a tour of the school here.

In Colorado, the requirements for teens to obtain their permit and license can be confusing.  Click on the link to learn more about the Teen Graduated Driving Laws: Getting a License 

The $495 Teen Driver Package takes care of everything from permit to license:

  1. Attend the required 30 hour driver’s education course. Classes are offered in 4 sessions.  The written permit test is administered at the end of final class. Class schedules are listed below. You must be at least 14 years and 6 months old to take the class.
  2. During the year you hold the instruction permit, complete the required 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with an instructor. Also complete the required 50 hours of logged driving time with a parent.
  3. Take the driver’s license road test, after holding your permit for one year.
  4. Add the Drive Fit Defensive Skills Day for a total package of $650.
  5. Ask about our payment plans!

Separate Services: 30 hour classroom with written permit test is $185, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with road test is $425. Driver’s License Road Tests are available by appointment for $65, pre-payment required. 911 Driving School is a third party testing site for the state of Colorado.

New Adult Driver? After getting your permit, we suggest the 6 or 10 hour behind- the-wheel package with road test. Register for the package below under adult tab. Please note: Completing 6-10 hours of BTW lessons does not prepare a new driver to be skilled enough to pass the driver’s license road test. You must have many practice hours on your own!  We will not administer the driver’s license road test without instructor approval.



Package NamePackage DescriptionPriceSign up
Teen Package Plus Drive Fit

30 hour Driver's Education Classroom (must be 14 & 6 months)

1 Written Permit Test when eligible (must be 14 & 11 months)

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Driving Instruction (completed during the year you hold your permit)

1 Driver's License Road Test (must hold permit 12 months)

1 Drive Fit Defensive Skills Day (will be scheduled separately through office)

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$650.00 Sign up
Teen Package

30 hour Driver's Education Classroom (must be 14 & 6 months)

1 Written Permit Test when eligible (must be 14 & 11 months)

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Driving Instruction (completed during the year you hold your permit)

1 Driver's License Road Test (must hold permit 12 months)

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$495.00 Sign up
30 Hour Classroom and Written Permit Test

30 Hours Classroom of Driver's Education

1 Written Permit Test when eligible

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$185.00 Sign up
6 hours BTW plus Road Test

6 Hours behind the wheel instruction

1 Driver's License Road Test

Fulfills the state requirement for teens

$425.00 Sign up
Drive Fit

A 3 hour course designed for new drivers who's confidence and skill level are not synced together. This training is held on a closed course and concentrates on parking, reversing, lane changes, turning/curving, emergency braking and slalom/vision. 

  • Practice situational driving in a safe, controlled environment
  • Circuit of exercises in which drivers will experience multiple repetitions
  • Refine collision avoidance skills
  • Gain confidence behind the wheel
  • Parents observe training and apply later

Students must have a valid permit or license and a guardian in the vehicle (if the teen is unlicensed). Students use their own car.  Check with your insurance agent to see about teen driving discounts for taking this course! 

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$179.00 Sign up


We offer testing for both the Driver’s License and the Instructional Permit.

Driver’s License Road tests are $65 and Written Permit tests are $30.

Pre-payment required.

Call 303-425-0911 for an appointment!

Please contact school for details


Our Colorado online driver’s ed course is used as supplemental driver education. Our program provides great supplemental training for your written test. You will take a virtual road trip across the U.S., see many great sites, and learn about driving from the experts at 911 Driving School. Practice tests are included and you will be well prepared to pass your Colorado DMV “written test” and be on the road to being a safe driver.

Online Driver Safety Course $9.95 Supplemental Driver Training

*Does not replace Colorado State requirement for the 30 hour course that is “Approved and Regulated by the Department Of Motor Vehicles”.

Program features:

  • Start and stop anytime in the course and go back and review challenging sections 24/7 to ensure your success.
  • No eyeball boredom in this course, it’s filled with engaging graphics, video, driving maneuvers and lessons.
  • Each section has multiple tests all specifically designed for retention and strengthening your driving knowledge.
  • Our final drivers Ed course test can be taken multiple times until you pass and can be used as a practice test for your DMV drivers permit test.
  • Same great experience on a laptop or iPad.
  • We are confident you will not find a better supplemental Colorado online drivers Ed course.
  • This course does not include the Colorado state form DR2460, “Certificate of Completion of A Driver Education Classroom Course”.


Drive Fit: Behind the Wheel Car Control Skills Program


Teen Package: 30 Hr Driver’s Ed Class, Written Permit Test, 6 Hour BTW Instruction, Driver’s License Test


Colorado License Test

Now Available!

6 Hours Behind the Wheel Instruction Plus CO Driver’s License Road Test


6 Hours Behind the Wheel Instruction


30 Hour Driver’s Education Class Plus CO Written Permit Test





  • Spring Break Special:  $50 off Teen Packages-Only $445 for Teen Package or $600 for Teen Package with Drive Fit!  Full Payment Required-Three classes to choose from.
  • $50 off Teen Packages to students enrolled at:                                                                                                      Eagle Ridge Academy, Prairie View HS, Brighton HS and Rocky Mountain Lutheran HS                            Full Payment Required
  • Our regular discounts are only applicable to $425 or higher packages, Payment plans available:                  Repeat Family $25     Police Officers & Military $45    Team National $75


Please read through our policies and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.  Depending on your purchase, not all the policies will be applicable.

Teen Driver’s Education Class: Classes start at 8:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to track attendance and contact the office to reschedule missed classes. Please make sure your student arrives on time, and is picked up on time. Completion of this driver education course does not guarantee student will pass the written permit test.  Teens must be 14 & 6 months old before completing the class.

Parents: Parent orientation is the first day of class, from 8:00-8:15 a.m.

Lunch: Students receive a 30 minutes for lunch, 11:30-12 Noon.  Students may bring their lunch or they can go out to nearby location. Food & drink is allowed inside the classroom.

Payment & Fees: Payment must be received before starting the class. A $25.00 fee will be charged for returned checks. No refunds after the 1st class (8 hours) or for failure of the written permit test.

Behind the Wheel Drives:  All drives are conducted in our vehicles. Please arrive 5 minutes in advance and make sure you have your permit or license. You may schedule drives online using the student portal, or by calling the office.  If payment is due, it must be submitted before drive occurs. Contracts shall extend for at least 12 months from the date of permit issuance.  Refunds of unused instructor hours, prior to the 12 months after purchase, will be at 50% of regular price.  No refunds after 12 months of purchase.

If you cannot come for a scheduled drive, please alert us immediately. If you cancel a drive with less than 24 hours’ notice or do not show up for a drive, there will be a $25 fee. You will not be able to book another drive until the fee is paid.

Drives are one to one ratio (student and instructor)    Drives may be completed in one or two hour increments.  Parents or Guardians are always welcome to ride-along.

Teen Testing:
Written Permit Test: Teens must be 14 years & 11 months to take the Written Permit Test, and may return to test when time, after the completion of the Driver’s Education Class.

Driver’s License Road Test: In order for teens (under age 18) to take the Driver’s License test, they must hold their permit for 12 months, log 50 (40 day & 10 night) hours driving with a parent and (if under 16 years & 6 months old), complete 6 hours of driving with an instructor. Driver’s license road tests are conducted in your vehicle. You must have proof of current registration and insurance on the vehicle. There are no refunds for a failed test, and there is a fee for a re-test, which cannot be done in the same day.

A trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles is still required before obtaining a permit or a driver’s license; and fees will apply.  Everything you need to take to the DMV is listed on page 2-3 of the Colorado Driver Handbook.

This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the school and the student, and any verbal assurances or promises not contained herein are not binding on either the school or the student.  Under this agreement an instructor may not provide behind-the-wheel training to more than two individual students per session.

Adult Driving

Package Name Package Description Price Sign up
10 hours BTW with Road Test

10 hours behind the wheel instruction

Many adults learning to drive need more hours of instruction than our usual 6 hour package.  You can save by choosing this larger package.

1 Driver's License Road Test

$600.00 Sign up
2 Hour Evaluation Drive
2 hour behind the wheel evaluation

Perfect to see if you are ready to take your Driver's License Road Test

$150.00 Sign up
6 hours BTW plus Road Test

6 Hours behind the wheel instruction

1 Driver's License Road Test

$425.00 Sign up
One Hour Evaluation Drive 1 hour behind the wheel evaluation
Perfect to see if you are ready to take your Driver's License Road Test

$75.00 Sign up