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Vancouver 911 Driving School & DOL Testing Center

Looking for a Washington State driving school in Vancouver? Look no further than 911 Driving School.

Getting a driver’s license is a milestone in your teen’s life. It is something to take seriously.  At 911 Driving School, you can rest assured that your student is in good hands. We have a premier Washington driver’s education school with classes taught by none other than police officers. Our students learn the rules of the road from the experts.

911 Driving School is a premier driver’s education school that offers Washington State Driver’s License Testing. This written driver’s ed “knowledge test” is offered Tuesdays from 2:00 PM -6:00 PM, Wednesdays at 2:00 PM and Saturdays at 1:00 PM. 911 Driving School’s Vancouver office also takes appointments for the “knowledge test” on Mondays and Thursdays. As this test is popular, appointments fill up fast. Please call in advance for availability.

911 Driving School also provides behind-the-wheel lessons and adult defensive driving courses.

At 911 Driving School’s Vancouver office, all traffic safety classes include a free knowledge (written) driving test.  Call us today at 360-574-1911 for more information and to set up an appointment.


Package NamePackage DescriptionPriceSign up
New Driver Training-Basic30 Hours Classroom Training
5 Hours Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons

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$475.00 Sign up
New Driver Training-Conventional30 Hours Classroom Training
6 Hours Behind the Wheel Driving Lessons

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$525.00 Sign up
New Driver Training-Advanced30 Hours Classroom Training
7 Hours Behind the Wheel

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$575.00 Sign up


We are pleased to offer both Road (Skills) and Knowledge Testing!

Knowledge Testing is offered in 7 languages and is available Wednesday’s 2-6 pm and Saturday’s 1-2 pm.

Please contact our school to purchase & schedule!

Knowledge Test: $30

Road Test (Customer Vehicle): $40

Road Test (911 Vehicle): $60

Road Test + 30 Min Warm Up (911 Vehicle): $75

Please contact school for details


WA State Knowledge Test

We are a state authorized testing facility offering the Washington State Knowledge Test for Driver Licensing.

  • 40 question state examination
  • Instant test results
  • Instant results to the WA Department of Licensing

WA State Road Test

Now Offering the WA State Road Test!

Please contact our store for eligibility and scheduling!

WA Teen Drivers Safety Education & Certification (Basic)

Basic Course- For those seeking to gain the basics of safe driving.

  • Classroom instruction and behind the wheel training to meet your state’s basic requirements
  • 30 hours in class
  • 4 hours state of the art driving simulation
  • 5 hours of driving
  • 5 hours of driving observation

Refresher Drive

Ideal for refresher for our 911 graduates to come back and take before taking the DOL drive test or if you just want to brush up on your skills.

WA Teen Drivers Safety Education & Certification (Advanced)

Advanced Course- Recommended for the driver needing a little more practice.

  • Includes basic classroom instruction with additional time behind-the-wheel-training
  • 30 hours in class
  • 4 hours state of the art driving simulation
  • 7 hours of driving
  • 7 hours of driving observation

WA Teen Drivers Safety Education & Certification (Conventional)

Conventional Course- Recommended for the average new driver.

  • Includes basic classroom instruction plus additional behind-the-wheel training
  • 30 hours in class
  • 4 hours state of the art driving simulation
  • 6 hours of driving
  • 6 hours of driving observation

Private Drives

Client will work one-on-one with an instructor in our vehicle. Clients can customize private drives to meet their goals.

Street Survival: A State Approved Driver Refresher Course

911 Driving School, an exclusive driver’s education company that hires only the finest instructors, have geared up to offer anyone fifty-five years and older the opportunity to attend Street Survival: A State Approved Driver Refresher Course. Street Survival will teach you about current rules of the road, how to adjust to environmental and age related changes, and in general, you will develop the knowledge necessary to drive safer. 911’s instructors will educate you on: maintaining proper following distance, safely changing lanes and making turns, the effects of medications on driving. minimizing the effect of dangerous blind spots, limiting driver distractions such as; eating, smoking, and cell phone use. Properly using safety belts, air bags, and anti-lock brakes and monitoring your own, and others’, driving skills and capabilities. In addition, the Washington Office of Insurance Commissioner website states that auto insurance companies throughout Washington state provide a multi-year discount to individuals who have attended driver refresher courses.

Defensive Driving: Level One

Also called a “Basic Driver Improvement” course, the LEVEL ONE class is designed to improve the driver’s knowledge and understanding of traffic laws as well as safe driving techniques and strategies to equip today’s experienced driver with up-to-date information on improving driver and occupant safety. The course also qualifies for some auto insurance discounts and employer’s fleet training programs.

Driving Assessment

Client will work one-on-one with an instructor who will gauge the client’s driving abilities. In this educational experience, the instructor will give feedback on breaking bad habits, ideas on how to adapt to any physical limitations and assess safety concerns.



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Enrollment Requirements

  • The student must be at least 15 years of age.
  • A $50 deposit is required at the time of registration. It is refundable up to 3 days before the course start date.
  • No enrollment will be accepted after the third scheduled class. No refunds will be given after class 3.
  • The student must have a Learner’s Permit by the third class.
  • Parents are to attend the first class session (Parent Night) if at all possible.
  • The student and parent must read, understand and agree to the 911 Driving School – Vancouver Policies and Agreement Form (or agree to these policies during online enrollment).

Classroom Lessons:

  • Two hours and twenty minutes in length: two hours for class lesson including a ten minute break; twenty minutes for simulation instruction.
  • No cell phones during class time, they must be turned off.
  • Class will start on time.
  • Students can not miss more than three classes. Please note: This is a Department of Licensing requirement.
  • All classes and failed tests (scores below 80%) must be made up within one week.
  • The classroom portion of the course can be no less than 30 days in length. Please note: This is a Department of Licensing requirement.
  • All lessons (classroom and behind the wheel) must be completed within 2 weeks of the end date of the course. Please note: This is to satisfy a Department of Licensing requirement that instruction be contiguous.

Behind the Wheel Lessons:

  • Two hours in length: one hour for the drive lesson, one hour for observation.
  • Students are expected to arrive for the drive lesson 5 minutes before the scheduled lesson. Instructors will start the lesson on time.
  • The first drive may be done after the third classroom lesson.
  • Three drive lessons must be completed before the last day of class. Please note: This is a Department of Licensing requirement.
  • The fourth and fifth drive lessons must be scheduled by the last day of class and completed within two weeks of the end date of the course.
  • Flip-flops are NOT to be worn during the drive lesson. They are too dangerous.
  • No cell phones during the drive lesson, they must be turned off.
  • No food, drink, or gum permitted in the traffic safety instruction vehicle.


  • $40.00 if the student does not show up for a scheduled driving lesson or does not have a permit with them.
  • $50.00 if the student does not complete the course within 2 weeks after the end date of classes.
  • $25.00 if an open invoice exceeds 30 days or a check is returned. FULL TUITION PAYMENT IS REQUIRED TO OBTAIN A “COURSE COMPLETION”.
  • $50.00 per hour for each extra drive lesson, whether desired or required.
  • $25.00 for dropping the course within the first three days after the start date. After the third class there will be no refund of enrollment fee.
  • No fee for the Department of Licensing Knowledge Test.
  • $40.00 for the Department of Licensing Skills Test.
  • $75.00 for a half hour practice session before the DOL Skills Test plus the test.

Additional Information:

Behavior: Students are fully accountable for their conduct. Students can be dismissed without refund from the course for misbehavior, cheating, excessive tardiness without excuse, cell phone use during class time, misuse or abuse of equipment, willful violation of traffic laws, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and failure to schedule drives.

Organ Donor Program: Washington State requires our course to include information regarding the organ donation program. This portion of the course is optional.

Inclement Weather: We reserve the right to cancel class or scheduled drive lessons due to inclement weather. If the public schools are closed, we will cancel classroom and behind the wheel lessons.

Parent/Student/Instructor Partnership: Parent involvement is critical for the student’s success. Students should study for each test and practice the behind the wheel skills we are teaching in order to progress forward to the next lesson. If a student is unable to perform the behind the wheel skills being taught, an extra drive lesson may be needed (see the Fees section of this agreement, above). Please note: the state of Washington requires each student to have at least 50 hours of guided practice, of which at least 10 hours must be at night, in order to qualify for a driver’s license.

Parent/Student Responsibility: Knowing and tracking their individual attendance, deadlines, absences, and course progression, especially the behind the wheel lessons.

Course Cancellation: We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel a course at our discretion due to low enrollment. We will make every effort to ensure this does not happen. In the event of a course being rescheduled or canceled we will notify our customers.

Agreement: I am the legal guardian/parent of this student and give my legal consent for them to participate in this Traffic Safety Education program. I have read, understand, and agree to the policies, including the Intermediate Driver’s License Rules (IDL) mandated by the state of Washington. I will also be responsible for the payment of all tuition and fees due. I agree to allow the student’s photograph to be used in 911 promotional material.  I agree to assist with guided practice in support of my student’s effort to be the best and safest driver possible.

Adult Driving

Please contact school for details.