Professional Driving Lessons in South Carolina

At 911 Driving School in South Carolina, you can complete the required coursework under the guidance and supervision of our expert instructors.

What makes our instructors different than anyone else?

Every one of our teachers has a vested interest in creating a safer driving environment because they are all police officers or first responders.

They know what it takes to be a safe, defensive driver, and they’re enthusiastic about helping you pass your tests, receive your license, and become a better driver.

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

Our goal is to help South Carolina drivers finish their required coursework so you’ll have the knowledge and experience to remain collision-free for life.

You can quickly learn the rules of the road, start making good decisions behind the wheel, and become a confident and safe driver. Our instructors will make sure that once you receive your license, you’ll be prepared for the road ahead.

Find the Nearest School in South Carolina

We offer adult and teen driver education at many locations throughout South Carolina, so you can easily find a classroom that’s convenient for you. Come in, meet with your instructors, and get prepared to pass your test.

Don’t wait to get started. The freedom (and responsibility) of having a driver’s license is waiting for you.

Register for your classes today and get the process started.

Rock Hill 911 Driving School

1348 Ebenezer Road
Rock Hill, South Carolina 29732 USA
Phone: (803) 339-9110