The Drive Fit Program

What is it?

  • The Drive Fit Program is a three-hour behind the wheel program on a closed course.

  • The course is offered on selected Saturdays and Sundays (check with your local 911 office for available dates).

  • Drivers use their own vehicles so they can learn how the vehicle they drive most often responds under emergency braking and quick steering maneuvers.

Who it’s for?

  • Any driver who wants to refine their collision avoidance skills.

  • Perfect for new drivers to help them learn collision avoidance skills quickly, and get a “Drive Fit” program on their skill level and what their vehicle can and can’t do.

  • Nervous Drivers” who want more confidence behind the wheel.
  • New car owners who want to get a feel for how their car will handle in emergency situations.

Why Take it?

  • To gain valuable collision avoidance skills that will decrease your chance of having a collision.
  • To lower your insurance rates (Each insurance company is different. Ask your agent if our Collision Avoidance Training would apply.

Contact your local 911 Driving School for more information.