911 Driving School is opening a new location!  We just signed a lease on a brand new facility just a short distance from DOL.  We are SO excited to be building a beautiful new classroom and testing facility so we can better accommodate your needs starting later this spring.


State of the art teen classroom instruction at a Grand Reopening price of $499!

A Knowledge Testing center to accommodate more customers and additional drive testing capability!

Behind the wheel adult lesson packages!

Expanded hours and lower prices!


NEED SERVICE SOONER?  Our Lynnwood and Bothell/Mill Creek locations are here to help

911 Driving School

EVERETT 911 Driving School

Drivers Education classes taught exclusively by Police Officers!

We teach today’s teens how to become tomorrow’s safest drivers, making the roadways a safer place for everyone. ONLY a Police Officer Instructor here at 911 can provide such an amount of knowledge, experience, & hundreds of real-life stories, making this the finest Drivers Ed program in the nation.



Package Name Package Description Price Sign up
Basic Teen Driving

30 Hours Classroom Training.  

5 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons scheduled outside of classroom time.  You can choose the times and dates that best meet your schedule via our 24 hour web scheduling system. Drives are done 1 hour at a time. A minimum of 3 drives must be completed by the last scheduled day of class.  

1 Hour Drive Observation while another teen drives.  One observation is the minimum required by DOL, however, the student may do unlimited observations for no additional charge

4 Hours Drive Simulation in the Classroom.  This covers hazardous conditions, road construction, etc., and is included in the posted schedule for each class.  

1 Official WA State Knowledge Test for obtaining a license

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$499.00 Sign up



Please contact school for details


Behind the wheel lessons coming soon!  Single lessons and lesson packages.


WA State Knowledge Test

We are a state authorized testing facility offering the Washington State Knowledge Test for Driver Licensing.


  • 40 question state examination
  • Instant test results
  • Instant results to the WA Department of Licensing

WA State Road Test

Now Offering the WA State Road Test!

Please contact our store for eligibility and scheduling!

WA Teen Drivers Safety Education & Certification (Basic)

Basic Course- For those seeking to gain the basics of safe driving.

  • Classroom instruction and behind the wheel training to meet your state’s basic requirements
  • 30 hours in class
  • 4 hours state of the art driving simulation
  • 5 hours of driving
  • 5 hours of driving observation


Adult Driving

Adult behind the wheel lessons coming soon.  Single lessons and lesson packages.