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911 Driving School - Drivers License Training
Professional Driver Training
911 Driving School
At Cascade High School
10190 Chumstick Highway
Leavenworth, WA 98826 USA

We operate as a 0 Hour class from 0700-0800 Monday Through Thursday each week while in session

Serving the Students of the Cascade School District

We will be having a Fall Class that will start right after schools starts in September.


Wenatchee 911 Driving School at Cascade High School

Serving the Students of the Cascade School District

At 911 Driving School, we make it easy to participate in a driver’s education course and prepare for your knowledge and skill tests while attending Cascade High School. We offer a simple and engaging option for new teen drivers so you can get the practical training you need and a foundation in the basics of collision avoidance and defensive driving.

We understand that most students lead very busy lives, but these courses can fit right into your schedule so you can take the first step toward getting your license.

Pricing for our Program

There are no hidden fees at our professional driving school, such as those for make-up classes or retakes for course tests. You can, however, find some discounts on DOL written and DOL Driving tests for 911 Driving School graduates.

We require a $150 Non-Refundable deposit to reserve your seat for a class, the Deposit can be transferred to another class if needed, and the balance of the course tuition is due by the first day of class.

Payment plans can be arranged on a case-by-case basis, Contact the office to make arrangements of a payment plan

Teen Drivers Program

At our professional driving school, we offer a drivers ed for teens which includes all the classroom and behind-the-wheel hours you need before you take your tests. This program covers a wide range of topics, from knowing how your car works to handling emergencies that may occur out on the road.

We understand that teaching teens to drive is a serious responsibility, and we’re dedicated to helping every student understand the importance of these defensive driving lessons.

What Makes 911 Driving School Different?

Our Washington Driving School is staffed with instructors who have experience as police officers. They’ve seen it all, and they bring a very unique and applicable perspective to the classroom.

911 Driving School students will get to hear real life experiences and discover insights that they wouldn’t get in any other classroom setting.

Get Enrolled Today

Getting your driver’s license is a huge milestone in life. It’s a sign of new independence and responsibility, but the proper training and studying has to come first.

We’re ready to help you complete your courses, pass your tests, and hit the open road.

Enroll in driving lessons today and take this first step toward becoming a better driver.

Our Courses

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