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9 Common Questions Parents Ask Before Signing Teens Up for Drivers Ed

As a parent, knowing that your teen is about to start driving can raise a lot of questions. For some, it can be nerve-wracking to think about your child behind the wheel on their own. Others may have the utmost confidence in their teen’s ability to handle a car. Either perspective may elicit questions about how to proceed with drivers ed for teens. Here are nine common questions parents may ask before signing their teens up for drivers ed:

Why Is Drivers Ed for Teens Necessary?

This is among the first and most common questions, particularly among parents who have given some of their own drivers ed on the side. There are a few reasons drivers ed is useful. It helps teens become safer and better drivers. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers driving rules and regulations, handling emergency situations, and more. Drivers ed also offers teens the opportunity to get behind the wheel and practice driving under the guidance of a professional driving instructor.

Many places also require teens to complete a certain amount of driving instruction before receiving their license. Drivers ed programs cover all the instruction required by the state.

What Is the Minimum Age To Enroll in Drivers Ed?

The minimum age to enroll in drivers ed varies from state to state. Generally, teens can start their drivers ed courses around the age of 15 or 16. Some places begin instruction even earlier. In Colorado, teens can begin instruction at 14 and six months, while in South Carolina it’s later. Your local DMV can specify how soon your teen can begin driving instruction.

How Long Does Drivers Ed Take?

Drivers ed courses also vary based on state law. In the majority of states, at least 30 hours of classroom instruction are needed, with at least 6 hours of instruction behind the wheel. Some states also require students to do some driving under observation by a guardian outside of official class time. 

How Do I Choose a Good Drivers Ed Program?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a good drivers ed program. Seek a program that is state-approved, and make sure that the program’s schedule of classes is compatible with your own schedule. The instruction available from 911 Driving School makes an excellent choice, with instructors who have experience as first responders.

What Is the Cost of Drivers Ed?

The cost of drivers ed varies based on the level of instruction and the experience of the instructors. It will also depend on the length of the courses and whether you opt for in-person or online instruction. Some courses may include the cost of a learner’s permit, which is required in some states.

How Do I Prepare My Teen for Drivers Ed?

Prepare your teen for drivers ed by beginning to review the rules of the road with them while you drive. You can help them begin to form good driving habits, like where to look and avoiding distractions. You may also be able to take them for practice drives in a parking lot or on quiet roads. Teach them some of the basics of car maintenance, like changing flat tires.

What Should I Expect From Drivers Ed?

Due to busy family schedules, drivers ed for teens is often spread out into courses over a few months. During drivers ed, your teen may receive both classroom instruction and hands-on driving experience. In the classroom, they will learn about driving laws, road signs, and basic driving history. Behind the wheel, they will practice turning, braking, and emergency maneuvers, among other driving techniques.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Driver’s License?

The length of drivers ed courses depends on state requirements, and the course’s own curriculum. A student can potentially earn a permit with as little as 30 hours of training. Some courses exceed state minimums for instruction in the interest of being thorough. Most states require teens to hold a learner’s permit for a minimum period before applying for a license. This can also vary depending on the state’s specific requirements. Check with your local DMV for specific requirements.

Can My Teen Take Drivers Ed Online?

Yes, many states now offer online drivers ed courses. Online courses allow teens to complete the classroom portion of the program at their own pace and on their own schedule. They will typically still need to complete the required behind-the-wheel instruction before qualifying for a permit or license.

Drivers ed is an important step in preparing teens to become safe and responsible drivers. As a parent, asking questions like these can help you find a quality program that meets your teen’s needs. The team at 911 Driving School is here to help, offering access to online driving test prep. Our instructors are highly qualified, being drawn from previous and active first responders. Contact us today to learn more about training courses near you and prepare your teen to start driving safely.

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