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Do Teens Have To Take Driver’s Ed?

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Watching your child become a driving teenager can be a scary experience. Not all teens want to take driver’s ed, but they are required to before they can get a license. At 911 Driving School, we hire police, EMS, and firefighters to teach teen drivers education. The experience and knowledge of our teachers give your teen access to great driving skills. 

Teen Drivers Ed at 911 Driving School

When your teen enters the driving age, you’ll want the best instructor to show them the ropes. That is why at 911 Driving School, we hire the most qualified instructors: first responders. Our first responders have worked or currently work on the road, so they have the most experience. They can give your teen the driving education they need. Our instructors learn using the same curriculum to make sure your teens’ driving lessons are full of quality information. Here is some of the information your student will learn: 

  • How to Deal With Emergencies
  • How Does Your Car Work?
  • How to Park, Brake, and Make Turns
  • How to Handle Roadway Conditions
  • How to Manage the Rules of the Road
  • How to Drive Safely
  • How to Share the Road
  • How to Use Different Signals, Signs, and Markings
  • How to Start and Stop
  • How to Prepare for the State Driving Test

Your teen will also get the chance to drive on local roads and highways with our instructors to become a defensive driver. 

Our Courses

At 911 Driving School, we offer three different courses to provide classes for all levels of drivers. 

Basic Course

The basic course was created to teach the foundation of safe driving. It provides your student with classroom instruction and the driving necessary for a new driver. The basic course is useful for students or adults who already have a basic understanding of driving safety. Students or adults who do not need extra attention from their instructors would benefit from this course.  

Conventional Course

If your student needs a bit more time to learn the material, we can help. Our conventional course was made for them. The conventional course has all of the information that the basic course contains, but allows your student to have more time with our teachers. They will get more action behind the wheel to make sure they are ready for the roads. 

Advanced Course

If your student may need a bit more practice than others, we have made the advanced course. This course gives your student the same amount of time in the classroom, but more than enough time behind the wheel. It offers the basic requirement for your state’s licenses but gives your teen the most practice to prepare them for their driving years. 

The Basics of Our Program

Where Does 911 Driving School Operate? 

We have locations in Washington, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Do We offer Online Training? 

Yes, we offer online training in Ohio and Washington. We also have an online practice test for most states. 

What Does My Student Need To Do Before Teen Drivers Ed?

Before your student starts driving school, they will need to apply for a learner’s permit. The age requirements for a driver’s permit vary from state to state. Your student must have their diving learners permit for a certain amount of time before they can take their driving test and gain their license. Each state requires a different time limit, so we recommend looking it up before beginning our driving program. You won’t have to wait to take the driving program.

Do I Still Need To Give My Student Driving Time? 

Yes, driving time is key to your teen’s driving experience. Though they will get plenty of time driving while in our driving course, they should still need to practice outside of class. While your student is driving, we recommend giving them tips that have made you a better driver. You can ask them what they learned while in driving school to make sure they are paying attention. 

When your student is driving, consider these ideas to make sure the driving time is well spent: 

  • Try practicing at different times of the day to assist in making your teen comfortable at any hour.
  • Treat this empty parking lot like a regular road. Your student can mock the rules of the actual road. 
  • Plan to begin their lessons in an empty party lot. This way they can learn to control the vehicle without the stress of being around others.
  • Let your student start the vehicle and let them familiarize themselves with the driving area. 
  • Drive around the block during less busy hours once your teen’s confidence in controlling the vehicle has set in. 

At 911 Driving Schoolwe use our resources to find experienced and skilled first responders to show your teen the rules of the road.  

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