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How Many Driving Lessons Does It Take to Learn to Drive?

If you or your teenager is planning to get a driver’s license soon, you may be thinking about driving lessons to help you be better prepared. One of your main questions might be how many driving lessons you will need to learn to drive. The number of lessons may depend on the course you take. 911 Driving School makes it easy to have access to all the materials you need online.

Getting the Best Driving Lessons

How long it will take you to drive depends in a large part on who will be teaching you. At 911 Driving School, we hire only the best instructors to give our students quality training to learn all they need to be safe drivers. Our instructors are police officers and first responders who have seen many accidents on the roads.

Our driving lessons teach the students the best defensive driving strategies and make sure they know the basics when they get behind the wheel. Our driving lessons help students learn how to handle situations that can come up as they drive.

We Make Learning To Drive Fun

It’s a simple concept that is easily forgotten—people learn more when they are having fun and engaged. Our instructors have access to the latest technology with videos and presentations to present information in a memorable environment.

We encourage interaction to get students involved and help them remember key concepts. The goal is for them to know many of the rules of the road and other critical information before they ever get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

What You Learn

When you take a class with 911 Driving School, you will learn the basic principles of safe driving, taught by people who are on the roads every day. You’ll learn what the signals and signs mean and how to identify markings. The instructors cover the rules of the road but go beyond safe driving techniques.

Students learn how the vehicle works and how to deal with various road conditions. They will practice sharing the road and being prepared for emergencies. When something happens later on, they won’t have to think about what to do. They will be prepared to act.

Driving Time

Once you have the basic information, you’ll practice those skills with real driving time. How long you spend practicing your driving will depend on which course you choose.

For the basic course for new drivers, you will spend at least five hours behind the wheel and 30 hours of classroom time. If you want more experience, the conventional course provides six hours of driving practice. Get seven hours of driving time if you need more advanced help.

Each location offers its own packages, which provide custom options based on the needs of students. Some locations offer adult driving courses for those who are practicing to get their license in the US for the first time, to replace an expired license, or to refresh their knowledge of driving rules.

Some classes offer one 60-minute private lesson while others may provide a package of multiple lessons. These lessons are customized based on what you need more practice on.

With some of the teen driving school packages, you may have observation times, which allows you to be in the vehicle while another student drives. You can watch what they are doing and listen to the guidance of the instructor. One of the benefits of this type of instruction is that you can pay attention without the added pressure of handling a vehicle at the same time.

Simulation Driving Time

Some of our packages include a certain number of hours of simulated driving. This means that you practice your driving skills in the classroom. You will learn how to deal with road construction, hazardous conditions, and other situations you may encounter while driving. You have the safety of the classroom to make mistakes and to apply corrections before you begin real driving.

As you practice driving with a simulator, you can relax and focus on your tasks. Since you aren’t dealing with other traffic or a real vehicle out on the road, you don’t have the extra pressure that comes when you get behind the wheel. This practice time can help reinforce what is taught in the classroom, allowing you to memorize important information in advance.

Learn To Drive With 911 Driving School

The answer to how many lessons it takes to learn to drive will vary based on each person and where they live. 911 Driving School offers multiple options for driving lessons to help every student be prepared to get on the road.

You can choose from any of our instruction packages to get the amount of driving time necessary to help you become a safe and prepared driver. Check out the options available and the locations for your driving instruction. We are committed to helping you or your teen become safe and successful drivers.

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