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How To Ace the Washington Driver’s Ed Exam

Those looking to obtain a valid driver’s license from Washington or any other state must take and pass the driver’s exam. At 911DrivingSchool, we provide comprehensive driving education and customizable lessons for teens and adults. We’re the team to consult when looking for a reputable Seattle driving school. We serve various other cities in Washington, Colorado, Florida, and North Carolina. Here are three tips to help you ace your Washington driver’s ed exam:


1.) Enroll in Driver’s ED

Taking driver’s ed classes is the best way to ace your exam and obtain a license. At 911 Driving School, we offer flexible driving lessons learners can access anytime. Our online courses and resources allow you to learn from anywhere and leverage downloadable material and videos. You can learn how to drive from home or visit our classrooms for in-person training. We also have experienced instructors, including firefighters, police officers, and first responders.

Driver’s ed covers everything about the Washington diving license exam tests. You’ll learn the basics of driving, including preparations, take-off, parking, backing into a corner, braking, balancing, highway driving, and more. We also cover Washington driving regulations and traffic laws. Enrolling in driving classes can help you learn how to drive and pass the written test and the driving test. If you have no driving background, consider taking the complete driver’s ed program.

911DrivingSchool makes learning how to drive effortless. You can join at any level, and we have driving lessons for teens and adults. Whether you need a one-hour refresher before your exam or would like to take the complete curriculum, we have you covered. Our driving school is approved to offer Washington drivers education courses and courses in various other states. You’ll receive the very best instructions from experienced drivers. Our team aims to make you a competent, confident, and safe driver.


2.) Read the Driver Guide

All questions in your Washington driver’s ed exam come from the driver guide. The booklet offers answers to all tested aspects and is the best resource to study for your test. You can request a booklet at the department of licensing (DOL) or download our free digital PDF copy. Both options are free. Reading the driver guide protects you from relying on shortcuts. At 911DrivingSchool, we provide comprehensive lessons that cover everything in the booklet.

You can also leverage our online practice tests to learn how to answer common driver’s ed exam questions. Test questions can span the entire booklet from start to finish, so you should aim to read all parts. You’ll find straightforward questions like road signs or story-based questions that promote decision-making skills. Our instructors and resources help you memorize the key sections, including challenging concepts.

911DrivingSchool has customizable courses, so you can choose the sections you want to brush up on. We cover the alcohol and marijuana questions and other bits drivers usually forget when preparing for their exams. Our school also helps you understand the driver guide effortlessly. You shouldn’t take any driver’s exam before going through the guide. At 911DrivingSchool, our courses and lessons are structured around the Washington driver guide and traffic laws.


3.) Review The Driver’s Exam

Learning what you’ll be tested on gives you a better chance of preparing for the driver’s ed exam. Our Seattle driving school can help you identify all areas the driver’s test will cover. Most tests span starting your vehicle, leaving the curb, controlling the car, driving in traffic, and obeying signals and signs. Driver’s ed exam also covers driving through crowded and blind intersections, stopping, backing up, judging distance, and respecting other people’s rights.

You should aim to understand all tested components before taking your knowledge test. Learn how to perform specific maneuvers like arms signals, brake reaction tests, parking on a hill, and parallel parking. Our driver’s ed programs will help you learn how to use and switch lanes. We also cover the basics, like correctly using the gas pedal, brakes, steering wheel, and controls. The curriculum features everything you’ll encounter in the 40 multiple-choice questions.

Acing the written test is half of the job. You must also pass the driving test, which involves driving with an examiner. 911DrivingSchool will help you prepare for the driving test and practice different maneuvers beforehand. Our instructors focus on making you a better driver. You’ll learn the basic techniques, including how to evade potential danger and avoid hitting other cars. We also have advanced lessons like defensive driving to horn your safe driving skills.


State-Approved Seattle Driving School

Acing the Washington driver’s ed exam is effortless if you enroll in a complete course with a state-approved driving school. Our Seattle driving school provides approved classes for teens and adults. You can study how to drive online and leverage live streaming tools, videos, and PDF guides. Our instructors are also readily available for in-person practice.

Learning from the best instructors and schools gives you the best chance of passing your driver’s exam on the first attempt. At 911DrivingSchool, we hire the best officers, first responders, and firefighters to give you peace of mind. Our lessons are fully customizable to fit your needs. Most learners we train also pass their exams and go on to obtain the WA license.

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