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Driving Safety

GPS safety tips

Tips for Using a GPS Safely on the Road

GPS devices come in many different varieties- phones, tablets, independent systems from technology stores, and even built into a vehicle’s dashboard. Having a GPS system available to driver’s helps them navigate the roads with more confidence. However, drivers taking their eyes off the road to view directions or input information is dangerous. Here are some …

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Top Driving Challenges

Top Driving Challenges and How to Navigate Them

Driving is a responsibility that comes with learning skills before licensing. No matter how much an adult or teen driving school tries to prepare student drivers, there are still some situations that are challenging. Situations such as driving in bad weather, through heavy traffic, around large trucks, and even dealing with aggressive drivers can seem …

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road trip safety

Road Trip Safety

Memorial Day starts the most popular season for taking road trips. Whether you are traveling to see National Parks, historical sites, or visiting friends and family this summer, we want you to get there safe. There are some basic safety tips you can use every road trip to ensure you have a fun, safe time. …

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