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Our Dedicated Instructors: Police, Firefighters, and EMS Technicians

911 Driving School

911 Driving School hires police officers, firefighters, and EMS technicians as instructors for driving lessons. We care about our students’ safety; that’s why we employ men and women who are experts on the rules of the road and the dangers that can arise when they are not followed. At 911 Driving School you can feel confident that your teen is learning how to stay safe and drive responsibly.

Why 911 Driving School Is Unique

All driving schools are required to provide the same basic information, especially if they are accredited to license students. Each driving school differs in how the information is presented. At 911 Driving School, the added difference, and large benefit, is in who teaches. All our instructors are active or retired police officers, firefighters, or EMS technicians.

These instructors are out on the roads every day and know firsthand what can happen in an accident. They are able to explain why the rules of the road are in place and help students understand why defensive driving is important to their safety and the safety of other drivers.

What Teens Learn With Our Instructors

Teens learn all about safety with our instructors in the Teen Drivers Safety Education and Certification Course. They will have all their classroom instruction with these trained experts. Instructors teach them about how vehicles work, how to start and stop the vehicle, and where important parts are located, such as turn signals and hazard lights.

Students will learn the foundations of safe driving and driving techniques to help them stay safe when driving. The instructors will go over the rules of the road as well as signals and signs to make sure students can correctly identify markers as they see them while driving.

Part of the driving lessons will focus on dealing with different road conditions, such as snow and ice or wet pavement. The students will learn about parking and braking and how to make turns correctly. They will learn the basic principles of sharing the road with other drivers and how to handle emergencies. For instance, they can learn about what to do if their vehicle breaks down on the road or gets stuck in the snow.

The instruction in our teen drivers education classes will help prepare students for taking the driver’s test to get their license. They will gain knowledge that is necessary to pass the written portion of the test. All this information is given extra weight when taught by professionals who have been on the scene of numerous accidents.

Driving Lessons With Our Instructors

Classroom instruction is the first part of the process, but it’s incomplete without driving lessons behind the wheel. Our driving instructors will provide actual driving time for students on local roads as well as nearby highways. They will get practice using defensive driving skills they have learned about in the classroom.

Students may pay for extra time driving with an instructor for an added fee. This will help them prepare for the driving test and for safe driving after they are licensed.

Course Options With 911 Driving School

911 Driving School offers multiple options of driving lessons for teen drivers to meet the needs of all kinds of students. The basic course provides classroom and driving instruction for new drivers.

Another option is the conventional course, which includes the same information as the basic course. The difference is that it allows for more time if the student needs extra help to learn the material or would like extra time practicing behind the wheel with an instructor.

The advanced course offers the same information as the other two options in driving lessons but it provides even more time for the student to learn. This course also allows for the most time behind the wheel, which prepares your student for the challenges they may face once they are licensed and on the road.

While these three courses allow you to choose how much time your teen spends learning the information they need, all three are taught by police officers, firefighters, and EMS technicians. All of our students receive high-quality education to help them become successful drivers.

Modern Classrooms for Engaged Learning

Our instructors are knowledgeable and interesting, but they offer more than just their instruction in the classes. 911 Driving School utilizes the latest in teaching resources and tools, such as videos and presentations. The technology is up-to-date and combined with interactive lessons to keep students engaged.

While the focus of the course is on presenting important information, it is done in a fun way. The instructors look for ways to create interest to help students retain information better. They know that creating a fun learning environment helps the students to be successful in what they need to know.

If you want your teen to be taught by the best instructors around, contact 911 Driving School. Sign up for a driving course taught by our experienced instructors to be sure that your teen driver learns what they need to know. With our help and expertise, they’ll be able to pass their driving test in no time.

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