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Wenatchee 911 Driving School – Waterville High School
200 East Birch Street,
Waterville WA 98858 USA
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911 Driving School for Waterville High School Students

Waterville High School students can start their driver’s education program at 911 Driving School and get the knowledge and experience they need to pass their driving and written tests and acquire a Washington driver’s license.

We make it easy for teens to sign up for the necessary classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction so these classes won’t get in the way of all the demands on a high-schooler’s time.

Why Sign Up with 911 Driving School?

Our instructors are the pride of our school and they are what really sets us apart from the other driver’s education options out there.

Here, we hire the very best police officers and other public safety personnel. These are people who have had first-hand experience with a wide range of traffic conditions and hazards, and they can bring some very specialized insights and experiences to the classroom.

These instructors are uniquely qualified to teach defensive driving skills and get you out on the road and help you stay as safe as possible.

Build Your Defensive Driving Skills

When you attend our Washington driving school, you will start to build a strong foundation in the safest driving techniques.

We have a vested interest in creating a safe driving environment, and that means to teach our students in a fun and engaging learning environment. We want you to be engaged with the program at all times.

Our driving classes for teens are affordable and made to fit into your busy schedule so you can complete your new teen driver training requirements and be ready for your tests.

Get Started Today

Getting a driver’s license can be a huge milestone in a teen’s life. It represents a lot of new independence, but it also requires a lot of responsibility.

At our professional driving school, our instructors are ready to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need so you can safely get out there and enjoy the open road.

Enroll today to get started.

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