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What Season is Best to Enroll In a Washington State Driving School?

Is your teen eager to learn to drive? You should enroll them in our Washington State driving school. 911 Driving School’s dedicated instructors will prepare your student to drive safely and pass their driver’s tests. We have convenient locations and flexible class schedules. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the best time to enroll your teen in our program:

When Can My Teen Enroll In a Washington State Driving School?

Students enrolling in a Washington driver training course can apply for their Washington permit as young as 15. Your teen will need their instruction permit, or learner’s permit, to practice driving.

911 Driving School requires all students to have their instruction permit prior to signing up for their behind-the-wheel driving lessons. You can get an instruction permit by applying online or in person with the Washington Department of Licensing. Apply for a permit no more than 10 days prior to your first day of driving school class.

3 Things to Consider Before Enrolling in Driving School

Deciding when to sign your teen up for driving school can be challenging. What’s best for one family might not be the best for you and your teen. You should consider three things when deciding when to sign your teen up for driving school.

1. Family Schedule

Before you sign your teen up for driving school, you should look at your family’s schedule. Do you have any big plans scheduled, like a vacation abroad? You might want to start driving school well in advance or upon completion of big family events.

2. School Schedule

The next thing to consider when signing your teen up for driving school is their school schedule. Do they have any advanced exams coming up or are they starting a new routine?

We suggest making sure there is enough time for your teen to adjust to new schedules before beginning driving school. If your teen is preparing for intensive exams you might want to wait until after they have taken the exam to enroll them in driving school.

3. School Sports and Extra Curricular Activities

Is your child in a school sport or extracurricular activity? You should take their practice and game day or performance schedule into consideration when you plan for driving school registration. It may be easier for your teen to attend all of the required classes if they wait until after their sports season ends.

If your teen plays football, they might have more flexibility in their schedule to attend driving school in the spring. If your teen plays basketball, they might have more flexibility to take classes in the summer or fall.

What Is the Best Season to Enroll in Driving School?

There are advantages and disadvantages to enrolling in driving lessons in any of the four seasons. Here’s what you should know about signing up for driving school in the four seasons.

1. Spring

Spring is a good time to enroll your teen in driving school, especially if they don’t have any travel plans for spring break. Your teen can take advantage of enrolling in driving school in the spring because they will be able to take classes and complete behind-the-wheel drives while they are out for break.

2. Summer

Summer might be the best season to sign your teen up for driving school. They won’t have to juggle driving school classes and behind-the-wheel lessons with their high school work.

Students are able to give their undivided attention to instruction and behind-the-wheel lessons when they don’t have to worry about homework, tests, and projects for their high school courses.

3. Fall

Fall can be a great time of the year to enroll in driving school since the weather in the fall is mild and easy to drive in. It can be intimidating for new drivers to learn how to drive in winter snow or hard spring rain.

If your child is nervous about starting a new school year and driving school at the same time, we suggest offsetting the start dates by a few weeks. Your teen doesn’t have to start high school courses and driving school courses at the same time if they want to enroll in the fall.

4. Winter

Many students enjoy driving school in the winter, especially if they are staying home during winter break. Taking classes in winter allows your teen driver to practice in various weather conditions, including rain and snow.

Why Choose 911 Driving School?

When your teen is ready to enroll in a Washington State driving school, choose 911 Driving School. Our mission is to prepare your teen to safely operate a motor vehicle in all seasons. Our instructors are dedicated to teaching your student the rules of the road.

In addition to teen driving courses, 911 Driving School offers defensive driving, adult driver education, and mature driver courses.

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