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What Tests Will Teenagers Have To Take for Driving School?

Driving is a big milestone for teenagers, but before they can hit the road, they may have to complete a driver’s education course and pass various tests. Your state uses these tests to determine if your teenager is ready to own a license. 911 Driving School is a teen driving school that offers multiple online courses and practice tests to help prepare your teenager for these tests.

Required Driving School Tests for Teenagers

Different states may have different requirements or tests. Here are some of the tests you can expect your teenager to complete during or after teen driving school:

Written Test

After finishing driving school, your teenager will be required to take a written test. The written test covers traffic laws, signs, signals, and safe driving practices. The test is usually closed book and multiple-choice. Your teenager must pass this test to get their driver’s license.

Our driving courses help prepare your teenager for the written test by teaching them the foundations of safe driving. These foundations include learning the rules of the road and becoming familiar with signs, markings, and other signals they may encounter. We offer unlimited practice tests for each state. It may also be a good idea to encourage your teenager to get familiar with your state’s driver’s manual. This can help prepare them for any questions that are specific to your state’s driving laws.

Vision Test

The vision test is the only test that doesn’t test your teenager’s knowledge. A DMV will test their vision to check how well they can see. The vision test measures visual acuity and peripheral vision. The purpose of the test is to make sure that your teenager can operate a vehicle safely. If they fail the vision test, they will need to see an eye doctor and get corrective lenses before retaking the test. If your teenager already has corrective lenses for their vision, they should be able to wear them during their vision test. 

Driving Skills Test

The driving skills test is generally the last test your teenager will need to take before getting their license. During the driving skills test, your teenager will drive a vehicle under the supervision of a licensed instructor or examiner. The instructor will evaluate your teenager’s ability to apply the skills and knowledge that they learned in driving school in real-world situations. They will pay attention to how your teenager navigates traffic, follows traffic laws, and operates the vehicle. If your teenager passes the driving skills test, they will be cleared to get their driver’s license. 

Other Driving School Requirements

Once you have gone through driving lessons, some states may have more required tests on top of the written, vision, and driving skills tests. On top of passing these tests, many states also have other assignments that your teenager will need to complete before getting their license, including:

Get Your Learner’s Permit Before Attending Driving School

Your teenager’s learner’s permit will be issued by the state that you live in. Each state has different rules about how old you must be before obtaining a learner’s permit and how long you need to have it before you can get a license. Your teenager will likely need to complete a written test to get their learner’s permit.

Complete Driving School or a Driver’s Education Course

Not every state requires that teenagers attend a driving school or driver’s education course, but many do. States can have different requirements regarding how many hours they need to spend in the classroom, so make sure you know your state’s requirements.

Even if your state does not require attending a driver’s education course, enrolling your teenager in driving school can still be a smart decision. Driving school helps teenagers understand how to drive safely and may help prevent accidents. You can also enroll them in online courses that teach them safe driving fundamentals.

Complete Supervised Driving Requirements

Most states have a supervised driving requirement. Each state is different on the number of hours that are required and who your teenager is allowed to drive with. Some states only allow a parent or guardian to supervise; others allow any licensed driver over a certain age to supervise. Many states also require a certain amount of supervised driving to be completed at night.

Pass Your Test With Our Teen Driving School

Requiring driving tests helps make sure that teenagers are qualified to hold a driver’s license. They can help prevent accidents and keep your teenager and other drivers safe. 911 Driving School instructors are all former police officers or first responders. Their experience in these positions helps them offer your teenager helpful and potentially life-saving driving instructions and advice.

We want your teenager to know and understand the responsibility that comes with holding a driver’s license. We offer online courses and practice tests for students from every state. We also have professional teen driving schools in Washington, Colorado, Ohio, South Carolina, and Florida.

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