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What to do after a car crash?

Car Crash Tips

What do I do after a crash?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 32, 000 people died in traffic crashes in 2014.

Even after driving lessons and focused, proactive driving, a crash can happen. It is important to be ready for such an occurrence so you can keep yourself and others safe from further harm. Here are a few steps to take if involved in an accident:

Stay calm

Stay calm and make sure that everyone in the car is okay. Staying calm is important because erratic behavior can cause more damage to you, others or your vehicle. Have confidence that things will be okay. Be sure to turn on flashers and move your car to a safe location if safe to do so.

Make safety you first priority

If you cannot get out of the car or if someone is seriously hurt, be sure to keep your seat belt fastened and call 911. If the accident is not serious, turn on the emergency flashers as you get out of the car and assess the damage. If you feel unsafe, you can call 911 and ask for an officer to assist at the crash site.

Get the correct information

Ask for the driver’s license and insurance information from the other driver involved in the accident. Take down the name, address, phone number of the other driver and any passengers in their car and yours. If possible, take a picture of the other Drivers license, insurance card, and their vehicle license plate. This will ensure you can contact the person if there are any problems with your car or your health due to the crash. Take pictures of the damage and send them to your insurance agent— they can help you know what to do next.

After you assess damage and contact the police, take your car to a mechanic to get your car checked. This can save you money by detecting problems that you cannot see. So, remember to stay safe, call the right authorities and get the correct information at the crash site.

Also, remember that proactive driving can keep you from getting into a crash.  Find out more about our defensive driving courses at 911 Driving School.

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