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What to Expect from Driving School

For teens in Washington state, you need to complete a driver training course from a Teen Driving School before you can get your license. For adults, you may need driving school if you have been ordered to attend, or just to refresh your driving skills. The 911 Bellingham Driving School offers courses for both teens and adults. Find out what you can expect from enrolling in one of these courses.


Finding a Teen Driving School

First, you’ll need to find a driver training course. In the state of Washington, driving teachers must be certified. The Washington Department of Licensing regulates driver’s education courses and educator certification. You can enroll in a driver’s education course as soon as you turn fifteen years old. In Washington state, all driving education classes must include time spent learning in a classroom setting, as well as time spent behind the wheel with an instructor.

Classroom Training

You will spend thirty hours in a classroom learning from driving instructors. Your instructors will use this time to teach you how to safely operate a vehicle on the road. They will go over starting and stopping, understanding road conditions, and defensive driving techniques.

911 Driving School also offers four hours of simulation training included as part of their teen driver education course. You can have the opportunity to test your skills in hazardous situations without putting yourself at risk.

Behind the Wheel Training

After you’ve attended classes and gotten your permit, you can schedule drives with an instructor. Usually, there will be two students in a vehicle with one instructor. You will alternate between driving and observing the other students.

In Washington state, you need between five and six hours of supervised driving with an instructor to get your license depending on if your school does drive simulation. The Department of Licensing also requires at least one hour of observation time. You will schedule several drives with your instructor to get the required hours.

Practice at Home

You should be practicing driving in addition to classroom training and drive time with an instructor. Washington state requires permitted drivers to log 40 hours of daytime driving and 10 hours of nighttime driving before they can get their license. These drives must be supervised by a driver that has been licensed for at least five years.

Taking the Test

Your driving school instructors will help you study for your driving exam. They will provide you with the knowledge you need to pass, but also have helpful information about studying. There are practice tests available online for the knowledge test skills. The Department of Licensing also provides some very helpful information about what to expect during the driving portion of the test.

Knowledge Test

Before your driving test, you must first prove you know the rules of the road. Your test will include 40 multiple choice questions, and you must answer at least 32 correct to pass, which is 80% accuracy. The test will go over road signs, right-of-way rules, traffic laws, and other safe driving practices. Once you pass the knowledge test, you can schedule your driving test.

Driving Test

Your driving test will involve just you and an instructor. You can ask them questions before the test begins, but once the car is in motion conversation is considered a distraction. Your test proctor will not ask you to do anything illegal or try to trick or confuse you.

Your proctor will be looking for several signs of safe driving. They will verify that you are following traffic laws and road signs. They will also make sure that you are paying attention to other drivers and pedestrians. You must demonstrate safe driving skills for the entire test. 

Your instructor will score you on your ability to drive safely and follow traffic laws.  To pass the driving portion of the test, you need to get a score of 80 out of 100. After the test has finished, your instructor will tell you the results and share with you anything that you may improve on. If you pass, your test results are good for one year to get your license. If you do not pass, you may be required to wait before you can test for your license again. 

There is a fee for both the written test and the driving test. These are in addition to your driver’s education course fees. Once you’ve passed both the knowledge test and the driving test, your scores will be shared with the Department of Licensing. 

Schedule a Class with 911 Bellingham Driving School

Now you know the basics of what might be included in your driving school experience. The next thing to do is pick up the phone and make the appointment to start the process of getting your license. 911 Bellingham Driving School offers courses throughout the year. Check out their availability and enroll in a driver’s education course today!

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