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Do I Need Driving School as an Adult?

driving school adults

Most people associate driving school with teens. Young people need the training to be safe drivers, but adults can benefit from driving lessons as well. Here are several reasons that a driving school for adults could be right for you.

You Need a Defensive Driving Refresher

If you struggle with aggressive driving, you can be putting yourself and others at risk. If an aggressive driver taught your lessons, you may not understand that there is a safer way to drive. Improvements in vehicle and road safety since the 1990s have reduced the number of traffic fatalities. However, there has also been an increase in road rage-related accidents. You can add defensive driving skills to your driving toolkit to make you a better driver.

Being a defensive driver keeps you safe on the road. Being able to identify risks and hazards can increase your confidence and prevent accidents. An experienced driving instructor will help you find the gaps in your understanding and keep you safe. Programs like 911 Driving School offer classes specifically for defensive driving. These classes are tailored to help you understand the risks on the road and take action to avoid accidents.

You Are New to Driving in the United States

Driving rules are not universal, even from state to state within the United States of America. If you have recently immigrated from somewhere else, you may not know the rules of the road in your new country. A driving course will help you understand your responsibilities as a driver in America.

This doesn’t just apply for people that are new to the country. There are many reasons as you may not have gained driving experience as an adult. If you’ve grown up with access to reliable public transportation, you may have never needed to drive a car before. If you’ve made the move to the suburbs or have decided it’s time to learn to drive, attending school can increase your confidence and keep you safe.

You Have Had Accidents or Been Ticketed

Getting in a car accident can be frightening. You may be feeling unsure of your driving abilities if you have been in an accident or received a ticket. Attending a driving course will help you understand how you can avoid these situations. The instructors for your course are experts on the rules of the road.

Taking a class also offers you the opportunity to ask questions. Perhaps the officer that ticketed you did not fully explain their reasoning and you’re feeling confused. If you were in an accident and don’t understand why you were found at fault, taking driving lessons may help with this as well.

You Need to Boost Your Driving Confidence

Attending a driving class will boost your confidence in several ways. You will learn more about being a safe driver, as well as the rules of the road. If you’ve been in an accident or gotten a ticket, you may be feeling less sure of your driving abilities.

If you’re an older adult, it may have been several years since you were last formally educated on driving rules. New technology has been developed for cars that can keep you safer on the road. Your instructor can help teach you about blind-spot detection features, adaptive cruise control, and other safety features in your car.

Not only have cars changed, but roads have changed too. For example, roundabouts are a relatively new road invention that has only existed on American roads since the 1990s. However, there’s good evidence that there are fewer accidents at intersections with roundabouts compared to traditional intersections. Learning how to use the new road and car features can boost your confidence and keep you safer on the road.

You’ve Been Ordered to Attend Driving Lessons

If you have been ticketed for a driving infraction, a judge may order you to attend driving school as an adult. This may be in addition to a ticket or fine, but may also be offered as an option for drivers without past driving infractions.

In some cases, attending a driving class means you could qualify for a “deferred finding”. This is an alternative to having a driving infraction appear on your record. So if you attend driving school, you may qualify for fine dismissal, and not accrue points on your license. Work with the courts in your jurisdiction to see if you qualify for a deferred finding. 

Where Can I Find a Driving School for Adults?

Many people avoid driving school because of feelings of shame or fear. Attending such a program can increase your confidence and safety on the road. Seek out a driving school with experienced teachers and a proven curriculum. 911 Driving School employs first responders as their instructors, so you can learn from an expert in the field. We offer online driving education across the United States and in-person classes in several states.

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