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Ways Teens Can Stay Safe While Learning to Drive

Teen drivers are more likely to be involved in car crashes than adult drivers. That’s why teenagers interested in becoming safe and informed drivers should attend teen driving schools. 911 Driving School offers quality education to teen drivers to keep them safe on the road. Here are several tips to help you get started with driving safety.


Putting on Seatbelt

Wearing a safety belt is a requirement when learning to drive. Putting on a safety belt cuts the risk of death during a car crash by 45 percent. You will also avoid severe head injuries, fractures, and chest injuries.

Failing to wear a seatbelt or buckling up will result in legal fines. 911 Driving School’s instructors have served as first responders and police officers. Our teachers have first-hand experience of what happens to passengers that haven’t buckled up during a car crash. Wearing a safety belt is also one of the driving skills our defensive driving classes include.


Avoiding Distractions

A minor distraction can cost your life when on the road — you must focus when behind the wheel. Avoid being on your phone, applying makeup, daydreaming, or talking to passengers when learning to drive.

A good driving school should teach you about manual, visual, and cognitive distractions. Manual distraction, such as texting or eating/drinking while driving, will make you take your hands off the wheels. Visual distraction will take your eyes off the road, while cognitive distraction will make you forget that you’re driving.

911 Driving School has experienced instructors to teach you about manual, visual, and cognitive distractions. Our instructors will help you know how circumstances and conditions can affect your focus when on the road.

Avoid Speeding

Speeding remains a major cause of fatal car accidents in the United States and other parts of the globe. Driving too fast contributes to nearly 41% of road accidents yearly. Maintaining the recommended speed limit will protect you and other people on the road.

Sticking to the recommended speed limit will also protect you from fines and penalties. You will also control the vehicle much better, especially when taking corners. Other advantages of a good speed limit are better fuel efficiency and increased tire durability.

Our Teen Drivers Safety Education and Certification Course covers a range of topics regarding road safety, including the following:

  • Rules of the Road
  • Handing Emergencies
  • Roadway Conditions and Car Handling
  • Safe Driving Techniques

We work to help students obtain a strong foundation of safe driving.


Brake Gently


How you brake determines your experience while learning to drive. Slamming the brakes causes damage to the car. Such behaviors means the rotors and hoses may develop cracks and wear out quickly. As a result, brake fluid can leak, affecting the brake pads and tire balance.

Proper braking will reduce damage and the risk of accidents. 911 Driving School teaches teen students how to appropriately apply the brakes while driving. Our Teen Drivers Education Course covers parking, braking, and turns. We also teach the students how to start and stop the car in their basic course. Our courses are designed to help students have the required confidence to take and pass the driver’s test.


Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Avoid driving too close to the vehicle in front of you. Maintaining a safe distance will help you avoid possible collisions. You will be able to take evasive action when the car in fron of you suddenly stops.

Many new drivers are hesitant behind the wheel when starting out, so you will likely be a bit slow while learning to drive. Your car should not be too far from the other leading vehicle. Drivers should aim to be three or four seconds away from the car in front of them.

At 911 Driving School, we teach teen students about road sharing, roadway conditions, and car handling. Our defensive driving classes will improve your driving knowledge. We will help you know how to maintain a safe distance when on the road.


Obey Road Signals

You must be aware of various road signs, markings, and safety signals before getting on the road. Ignoring road signals will increase the risk of an accident. Obeying road/traffic signals will also save you from legal fines.

A good driving school must help you understand the meaning of all road signals. Our Teen Drivers Safety Education course covers signals, signs, and markings. Our courses will help you gain confidence as you take on this new responsibility.


Consider Teen Driving Schools

Learning to drive will be much more complicated if you don’t attend a driving school. You will not get the necessary driving skills to keep you safe on the road. The process of getting licensed will also delay.

911 Driving School is a reputable option for teens and adults who desire to learn how to drive. We provide various courses like Teen Drivers Education, Defensive Driving, Adult Drivers Education, and Mature Drivers Course.

Our Teen Drivers Course comes in three categories: Basic, conventional, and advanced courses. The defensive driving classes we offer include Level I and Level II. Contact us today if you are interested in enrolling as a new driver.

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