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Is Driving School Worth the Cost?

Is Driving School Worth the Cost? | 911 Driving School

Learning to drive is a complicated process. Most adults get a license and drive a car, but that doesn’t mean they are qualified to teach another person to drive. Some students starting out try to have a parent or friend teach them to drive or decide to try and self-teach with the state-supplied books and pamphlets. Signing up to attend a driving school is not cheap, but many wonder, is it worth the cost?

What Does Driving School Include?

Learning to drive involves more than just knowing the basics on how to operate a vehicle. There are many laws to learn and requirements to meet to get a license. The cost of paying for driving school covers an instructor who knows all this information and teaches it, but there is more included in the cost, such as:

  • Supplies for the class
  • Driving practice in a car
  • Road testing (**This is not always included in the cost of the course but students have the convenience of booking a knowledge test and road test in states that allow driving schools to offer this service)
  • Access to programs
  • Technical support for online courses

Each of these works together to make sure that each student gets a high quality, comprehensive education. The best education makes sure students really understand the material, making them better drivers their entire life, not just until they get their license. Over time, this can save a lot of money from not paying for parking tickets, traffic violations, and repairing vehicles after an incident.

Another way that driving school saves money for parents and teens is through insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts for new drivers who have enrolled in a driving school.

Taking a defensive driving course decreases the chances of getting into a collision, which means that insurance companies process fewer claims overall, which is why they encourage enrollment. Once that discounted percentage is taken off each month, the savings add up to save a significant amount.

Other Benefits of Driving School

There are other benefits of enrolling in a driving school that aren’t always counted in the cost. This includes better relationships for parents and teens, more experienced teachers, and having an extra resource. Peace of mind knowing your student has been taught by a driving professional

Building Better Relationships

Teens often struggle to take criticism from their parents, even if it is well-meaning. It is hard to take advice from someone you are comfortable with. Add in all the frustration that comes with driving for the first time and trying to learn information and it can create a wall in a relationship.

Having a third-party instructor can help ease the tension and lets parents be supporters in the process instead of the authority figure. With the expected level of respect, teens will often listen and obey the instructor too.

More Experienced Teachers

Trying to learn to drive from a manual, parents, or friend does not always lead to the best driver’s education. Driving lessons from an experienced teacher who has been trained in proper teaching methods is more effective.

They also know the laws better and stay up to date on changes because it is their job to know this information. At 911 Driving School, we employ police officers and first responders who have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of laws since they enforce them.

Having an Extra Resource

While search engines are a great resource for getting fast answers to simple questions, it doesn’t always work correctly. If students have a question, our instructors are there to give answers. Having an extra resource for learning the material and explain things thoroughly is a big benefit for student drivers.

Getting a Quality Education

Driving a vehicle is a privilege that should be taken seriously. Having a quality education means more success on the road and safer roads for everyone. Whether you are interested in adult driving classes or driving lessons for teens, enrolling in a driving school will give you a quality drivers education.

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