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Is it Safe to Drive with Headphones and Earpieces?

The trend for headphones among teenagers and young adults is always wearing one in your ear. As far as driving is concerned, is it safe to wear headphones this way? What about the more traditional, over the ears style? And how do Bluetooth earpieces play into this safety protocol? These questions are just a few that drivers deal with daily. See what is (and is not) allowed by law and how you can drive safely on the road.

The Legal Aspect

There are many laws that dictate what drivers can and cannot legally do. Every state has its own driving laws, including laws on earpieces. According to AAA, most states do not have restrictions on drivers using an ear bud, headphones, or blue tooth earpiece speaker while driving. Other states require that only one ear may be covered while driving. They list a complete list of current state laws for headphones and earpieces on their site.

The Common Sense Aspect

Whether or not it is legally allowed, drivers should still consider whether using earpieces is responsible and safe. When there is any sort of device blocking the hearing in an ear, the ears cannot hear as well. It is important that drivers can hear if there are emergency vehicles coming, hear honks or warnings given from other drivers, and be able to listen to their car in case there are odd noises. 

Hearing is important to the driving process. While people who are hard of hearing or are deaf can drive, there is a difference when people choose not to use their hearing. Having music, a phone call, or any type of audio in their ear is a distraction from the road. If you must have something in your ear and it is legal in the state where you are driving, at least wear it only in one ear. This can help you hear important noises while driving. 

Use Tech in a Smart Way

Car manufacturers are working hard to design vehicles that use technology in a safer, smarter way. There are safer ways to use technology while driving. Rather than putting any sort of earpiece in your ear, why not utilize the technology that is already there? If you must make a phone call, use the Bluetooth through the dashboard. If you want to listen to music or an audio book, keep your ears open by listening through the speakers.

Enroll in a National Driving School to learn other smart ways to use technology while driving. Staying safe on the road helps protect you and everyone else on the road too.

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