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Multi-media Classrooms: How We Keep Our Driving Lessons Engaging

If you’re looking at driving lessons for your teen, you’ll want to choose a program that will help them learn and apply the most information. 911 Driving School has developed a program that is designed to make it easier for young drivers to learn the required information in a fun, professional way.

Our Instructors

Our instructors are one of the main reasons that students like our courses. They are knowledgeable and engaging, presenting the information in a clear and concise manner.

Most importantly, our instructors are current or former police officers, EMS, and firefighters who have seen firsthand what happens in an accident. When they present the material to students, they believe in the defensive driving methods being taught. They know how it saves lives. This dedication and passion for training students to be safe drivers can be easily conveyed in the classroom.

A Variety of Teaching Methods and Technology

Our curriculum is the result of research by experts into what students need to know to drive and to be safe on the road. Not only do we focus on what information is taught but also on how it is presented. Our instructors use a variety of methods, such as PowerPoint presentations, videos, and class participation.

The instructors keep the students engaged by creating an interactive environment. They encourage participation to help with retention. When the students complete their course, they will retain the information to pass the driving test and help them be defensive drivers on the road.

Driving Simulation

Along with driving lessons and classroom instruction, our programs at 911 Driving School include a driving simulation. We use state-of-the-art technology to create a realistic situation where you must act to avoid accidents. Our courses include four hours of driving simulation.

You will learn how to respond to hazardous road conditions, drive around road construction, and prepare for the unexpected in a safe environment. Young drivers will have the opportunity to practice their skills before they get out on the road in a real-life situation. The driving simulation is another way we keep our courses engaging, which helps students remember more of what they learn.

Driving Observation

Another method of teaching we use in our driving lessons here at 911 Driving School is our driving observation lessons. Our conventional course includes six hours of observation.

This time is spent with another student who is in the driver’s seat. The observer has the chance to see what driving instruction looks like. Having this time to observe can help students feel less nervous about getting behind the wheel with an instructor when it’s their turn.

What You Learn in Your Driving Lessons

It’s easy to stay engaged with the 911 Driving School driver’s education courses because they are practical in nature. Instructors utilize PowerPoint presentations and videos to teach students the basics of driving, starting with an understanding of how the vehicle works. They will learn about signs and how to start and stop the car, how to brake and park, and how to make turns to the right and left.

The instructors teach the rules of the road and how to share the road. The foundations are essential before they are ready to get in the driver’s seat.

Getting Behind the Wheel

The part students look forward to is when they get behind the wheel with our driving instructors. They have the chance to practice the driving skills they learned in the classroom. The students will learn on local roads and on the highway. They can even pay a small fee for extra time with the instructor to work on their driving skills.

The driving lessons build upon each other, ensuring the student is confident in what they are doing before moving on to more complex situations, such as navigating busy intersections and dealing with higher speeds on the highway.

911 Driving School offers various courses to meet the needs of each student. For those who feel confident in learning the needed skills quickly, the basic course may be the best choice. Those that are new to driving and want a little more practice time may find the enhanced basic course to be the best option. The last option, our advanced course, provides the maximum amount of time behind the wheel and driving observation.

Feel Confident Behind the Wheel

The driving courses at 911 Driving School will help you develop the confidence you need to get out on the road. You will learn valuable skills that help you become a defensive driver. Our method of teaching utilizes all forms of technology and media and keeps our students engaged, ensuring they learn the material that will keep them safe.

If you have a teen who is ready to learn to drive or if you need a driver’s license, you can sign up with 911 Driving School for a curriculum that is fun and informative. We’ll help you get ready to get in the driver’s seat with our multimedia courses.

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