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Why Choose 911 Driving School

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If you have a teenager who is anxious to get a driving permit, you’ll want to help them be prepared to stay safe on the road. There are dozens of teen drivers education options available, but 911 Driving School offers a unique option to help your teen develop the driving skills they will need in order to be a safe, confident driver.

Top-Level Instruction

Here at 911 Driving School, our instructors have real-world experience on the highways and city streets from a valuable perspective. They are police officers and first responders who have seen numerous accidents in their line of work. They know firsthand how important it is to be a good defensive driver and exactly what to do to stay safe on the road. Our instructors can instill the information into students and help them develop a stronger awareness of driving safety.

All driving instructors must meet minimum requirements for teaching driving courses, but the instructors at 911 Driving School go beyond those so that we can bring our students top-quality instruction.

Engaging Classroom Experience

The classroom at 911 Driving School is the perfect blend of professional and fun. Our instructors take the classes seriously but present the information in a fun and friendly way to help students remember what they are being taught.

Our instructors use a variety of teaching methods to engage students. We use state-of-the-art technology, including videos and PowerPoint presentations that add color and visual learning to the mix. The instructors also invite students to participate to make learning more social and engaging.

What Do You Learn in a Teen Drivers Ed Course?

When your teenager takes the Teen Drivers Safety Education and Certification Course, they will gain the knowledge needed to be a safe, defensive driver. Our highly knowledgeable instructors will teach the foundations of safe driving, emphasizing how these strategies work in the real world.

Students learn to identify signs and markings, as well as follow the rules of the road. Instructors will teach them how the car functions, the basics of starting and stopping, and how to handle a vehicle in various roadway conditions. Instructors teach parking, braking, and how to make left and right turns correctly. Your teen will also develop all of the skills they need to know to handle emergencies and how to share the road with others.

Quality Time Behind the Wheel

Besides classroom instruction, students get quality time behind the wheel to learn to drive. They will practice using defensive driving techniques on the local roads and nearby highways. This is where they put all the information they learned in the classroom into use.

If your student needs more practice time, you can schedule extra time with our instructors behind the wheel for an additional fee so they will feel more prepared for the driving test. This real-life experience is invaluable preparation for driving on their own once they get their license.

Courses for Everyone

One of the features of 911 Driving School that makes it beneficial to all students is that we offer different levels of classes. You choose the course that is the best fit for your needs. This helps to prepare every driver for the driving test at whatever level works best for them.

Our basic course teaches the classroom instruction and driving practice necessary to meet state requirements. It’s the ideal choice for someone who doesn’t need a lot of extra practice time. The conventional course allows you more time behind the wheel if you need extra help for a boost of confidence.

Our advanced course provides the same basic instruction as the other courses. Your teen also gets more time behind the wheel to help them feel better prepared for the driver’s test and for the challenges they may face once they have their license.

Defensive Driving Classes

Along with our teen driving courses, 911 Driving School also offers a defensive driving class. This class is also taught by our police officers and first responders. It differs from teen drivers ed because it focuses on techniques for defensive driving. You learn how various circumstances and road conditions affect people and their vehicles.

When you graduate from this class, you’ll know how to protect yourself and your passengers when driving in bad weather, poor road conditions, and around unsafe drivers. This class can also be beneficial as part of your teen’s learning because it will help them learn how to be alert and aware of what’s going on around them. Since the instructors have dealt with these dangers firsthand, they can provide a unique perspective on why defensive driving is important. They also stay up to date on the latest strategies for defensive driving.

If you want your teenager to have the best education possible to learn to drive, consider what 911 Driving School has to offer. Check out our classes and sign your teen up for the course that is the right fit. Our courses give your teen the information they need and the peace of mind you want when they get in the driver’s seat.

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