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The Top 3 Reasons of Advanced Driver Training

Advanced driver Training


Driver’s education is an important part of learning to drive safely. There are different styles of training programs available, but many people are choosing to take advanced driver training courses. While regular driving classes work to educate and teach the laws, advanced driver training classes go above and beyond by preparing drivers to be proactive with great driving techniques. These classes are great for several reasons, but here are the top three reasons you should consider taking an advanced driver training course.

Reason #1: Save Money

When new drivers take an advanced driver training class, some insurance companies will offer a lower monthly payment. Because drivers are learning more safety skills, they are generally more prepared to drive in regular traffic. There are even some insurance companies that offer this lower rate to adults when they take an adult driving class. It really speaks to the quality of these classes.

Another way drivers can save money through these classes is in paying less for car repairs. When drivers are navigating the roads more safely and anticipating the moves other drivers will make in traffic, they generally have less car accidents. Less car crashes means less money spent in repairing car body damage, traffic tickets, and increasing insurance premiums. 

Reason #2: Safety

For new teenage drivers, safety is a big concern for parents. Having their children prepared to drive safely is something all parents want for their children. Concern for safety on the roads is not limited to parents though; spouses, children, and friends all want their loved ones protected too. Learning to drive defensively in an advanced driver’s training class can give drivers the skills needed to stay safe.

Another reason that safety is higher from these training courses is because it decreases the amount of errors made on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that more than 90% of car crashes are caused from basic driver errors. This means human behavior and performance is the key factor in these crashes. By shining a light on these errors and teaching how to correct them, these mistakes can decrease. Couple that with teaching how to anticipate crashes or potentially dangerous situations and drivers stay safer on the road.

Reason #3: More Confidence Behind the Wheel

The key to confidence is knowledge. When drivers of any age are confident behind the wheel, they will drive safely. Paying attention to the small details of driving is something that takes a regular driving course to an extraordinary course. Investing time and education into a skill as basic as driving helps drivers be more prepared for a variety of situations on the road.

While many commercials say that having the best technology in the car is what makes a driver safest, that just isn’t true. The biggest difference in driving skills comes from having a thorough education with advanced driving instruction. These classes provide opportunities for students to practice responding to situations that require split-second decisions and maneuvering, keeping them and everyone else on the road safer.

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