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Using Apps to Monitor Your New Teen Driver

apps for teen driver tracking

When a new driver is learning to drive with their permit, a licensed driver is required to be in the passenger seat. Once they earn their driver’s license, parents and teens lose the security of always having an experienced driver there. For parents who want a little more safety for their new driver, they can download apps to monitor their driving and even get them help if needed. Here are five of the most popular apps for parents of new drivers.

Mama Bear

The app that does the most monitoring is Mama Bear. It is available on iOS and Android. It monitors driving and common safety concerns and reports to the parents. First, parents can set a speed limit for their teen and get notified if they are going over that limit. This speed limit is applicable to your teen driving or if they are the passenger in another car. There are also location settings that allow parents to input addresses and get alerts when their child has arrived and left those places. It can also monitor text messages and phone use while driving and social media use, like tracking followers, pictures, and mentions.


Automatic is an app that does more than monitor, it works to be a car assistant. It monitors a driver’s habits and gives tips to improve driving. It also has crash detection, location monitoring, and can provide information on a customizable dashboard.

TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

This free app also monitors driving habits and reports back to parents. Available on iOS and Android, it makes safe driving a family goal. Behaviors like speeding, aggressive handling, and other driving habits are tracked and given points. Family members are ranked for a little friendly competition so drivers are encouraged to break bad habits by being more aware.


With Life360, parents are sent a detailed weekly report on their teen’s driving habits. Available on iOS and Android. The report includes phone usage while driving, hard braking, speeding, and sudden, fast acceleration. This provides parents an opportunity to discuss safe driving with their teen. Parents can also rest easier knowing that the app has crash alerts with emergency response system and roadside assistance.

AT&T Drive Mode

A free app on iOS and Android, it helps silence text messages and phone calls on a teen’s phone when they are going faster than 15 miles per hour. Instead of letting the message or call through, the app sends an automated message saying the phone user is temporarily unavailable. If the teen turns off any of the safety features, parents are alerted with a notification. While this is not a monitoring system with all bad driving habits, it does help limit phone usage with new teen drivers. This app is available to any phone user, not just AT&T customers.

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Before letting your teen get their license, make sure they are getting the best driver’s education possible. New driver training with a defensive driving course provides a teen with exceptional knowledge and skills for driving safely. Help your teen driver be safe behind the wheel by checking in and staying involved.

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