Bothell 911 Driving School & DOL Testing Center- COMING THIS SUMMER IN NORTH BOTHELL/MILL CREEK!

Drivers’ Education taught by Police Officers! 911 Driving School of Bothell is owned and operated by two retired Bothell police officers who have over 35+ years of experience in law enforcement. We teach today’s teens and adults how to become tomorrow’s safest drivers, making the roadways a safer place for everyone. ONLY a law enforcement instructor here at 911 can provide such a vast amount of knowledge, trust, experience and hundreds of real-life stories, making this the finest Drivers’ Ed program in the nation!

Our lease begins May 1st, 2017. We will be doing some remodeling to the former dance studio space to create a beautiful new classroom and reception area for customers. Our exterior signs are in the permitting and construction stage, and will go up sometime in late May or early June.

We will be offering a GRAND OPENING SPECIAL of $499 for the basic teen course, which includes 30 hours of classroom, 4 hours of drive simulation in the classroom, 5, one-hour behind-the-wheel drives, and 1 hour of drive observation.  

The enhanced basic course will be $559, and includes everything in the basic course, plus the official DOL written and drive tests.  

The advanced course will be $599, and includes everything in the enhanced basic course, plus a 40 minute warm up session immediately prior to the drive test.  


  • June 26th through July 20th evening course:  6pm to 8:20*pm, Monday through Thursday, no class July 4th
  • June 27th through July 24th morning course: 10am to 12:20*pm, Monday through Thursday (although class begins on a Tuesday), no class July 4th.
  • July 10th through August 2nd afternoon course: 3:30pm to 5:50*pm, Monday through Thursday
  • August 1st through August 31st morning course: 10am to 12:20*pm Tuesday through Thursday
  • August 7th through August 30th evening course: 5:30pm to 7:50*pm Monday through Thursday
  • August 19th through October 14th weekend afternoon course: 12:30pm to 2:50*pm Saturdays and Sundays

* For all courses, classes 1, 14 and 15 are 2 hours in length, and classes 2 through 13 are 2 hours and 20 minutes in length. The 4 hours of drive simulation are broken out into 20 minutes sessions at the end of each regularly scheduled class.

Per WA state law, all teen courses must be a minimum of 30 days in length. For those courses with classroom sessions shorter than 30 days, a behind-the-wheel drive must be done at least 30 days after the first class.  

In the meantime, please call (425) 786-0911 for questions or registrations. The office in Bothell isn’t set up yet, but the phone number will ring at our other locations.

Adult lessons and DOL knowledge and skills testing will be added in the near future.

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Adult Driving

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