No more waiting in long lines for Washington State DOL tests! Walk-ins welcome on a 1st come 1st serve basis! No car, no problem! Use ours for an add’l fee.

911 Driving School

LYNNWOOD 911 Driving School &

DOL Testing Center with walk in license testing service!

*DOL license testing location. Walk-ins only, no appointment needed! First-come, first-served service! Classes for Teen traffic safety enroll online.


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Basic Teen Driving

30 Hours Classroom Training.  

5 Hours Behind-the-Wheel Driving Lessons scheduled outside of classroom time.  You can choose the times and dates that best meet your schedule via our 24 hour web scheduling system. Drives are done 1 hour at a time. A minimum of 3 drives must be completed by the last scheduled day of class.  

1 Hour Drive Observation while another teen drives.  One observation is the minimum required by DOL, however, the student may do unlimited observations for no additional charge

4 Hours Drive Simulation in the Classroom.  This covers hazardous conditions, road construction, etc., and is included in the posted schedule for each class.  

1 Official WA State Knowledge Test for obtaining a license

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$649.00 Sign up


Written (Knowledge) Test: $29 per test *(in 7 languages)

Road Test (Using your own vehicle): $49 per test*

Take your Road Test in a 911 car for a $20 fee
Credit cards or Cash required for tests
**No-refunds for tests**
Questions? Call us at 425-771-0911
Please contact school for details


WA State Knowledge Test

We are a state authorized testing facility offering the Washington State Knowledge Test for Driver Licensing.

  • 25 question state examination
  • Instant test results
  • Instant results to the WA Department of Licensing

WA State Road Test

Now Offering the WA State Road Test!

Please contact our store for eligibility and scheduling!

WA Teen Drivers Safety Education & Certification (Conventional)

Conventional Course- Recommended for the average new driver.

  • Includes basic classroom instruction plus additional behind-the-wheel training
  • 30 hours in class
  • 4 hours state of the art driving simulation
  • 6 hours of driving
  • 6 hours of driving observation



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Adult Driving

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