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You Got Your Driver’s License! 5 Places You Should Check Out in Colorado

You Got Your License! 5 Places to Visit in Colorado | 911 Driving School

The day is finally here- you have finished your Online Drivers Ed courses and you’ve passed all your tests. Wondering what you should do with that brand-new Colorado license? Hit the road and see the state! Colorado has so many beautiful sights and landmarks that are known all over the world. Now that you have a bit of freedom, check with your parents and plan a road trip. Here are five great places to consider.

1. Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve

If you are heading to the southeastern portion of the state, you should add this national park to your list. There are forests, lakes, and the continent’s largest sand dunes. This means that there are many types of activities available here, including hiking, playing in the sand, fishing, camping, and sledding. There is a lot of open area here which is great for newer drivers to get experience without all the traffic.

2. Mesa Verde National Park

Colorado has ancient roots throughout the state, but none are more evident than this southwestern section of Colorado. With plenty of museums, hikes, and well-preserved cliff dwellings, this is a unique historical marker. The most famous dwellings here, Cliff Palace, are open for closer looks with scheduled hikes and tours. There are other archaeological sites, overlooks, and petroglyphs throughout the park that you won’t want to miss either. While you can see everything in a day, you might want to spend a little longer if you plan on doing all the tours.

3. Aspen

One thing that Colorado is well-known for is skiing. There are plenty of places to hit the slopes in the state, but Aspen is one of the most recommended areas. This is a charming place to visit with great shops, food, and lodging available if you are traveling from a distance to visit. Whether you are just learning to ski or are already a pro, there are opportunities to improve your skiing skills here.

4. Colorado Springs

A good, mid-sized city to visit is Colorado Springs. There are many museums to see here, plus you can tour the University of Colorado or Air Force Academy campuses here too. Stop by the ghost town and learn more about Colorado’s history or visit Pike’s Peak. Also available just outside of town is Garden of the Gods. It is a privately-owned park with paved trails for hiking or biking. Colorado Springs has some unique stops, so don’t forget a camera.

5. Denver

Once you have a little more experience and feel ready to drive in a bit more traffic, Denver is a great place to visit. This is Colorado’s cultural hub with plenty of museums, sports venues, shopping, and dining. Whether you bring your family, friends, or a date, Denver has a lot to experience. If you want to see one of the more beautiful sections of Colorado, take the Mount Evans Scenic Byway, just outside the city.

Colorado is truly an amazing state to live in. Now that you have a bit more freedom with that license, show you are responsible. Plan out a road trip and take your plan to your parents. Pack an emergency car kit and fine-tune your car skills with knowing how to do basic car maintenance as you learned in your Teen Drivers Ed class. Now that you can drive, get out there and explore the great state of Colorado.

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