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You Got Your License! 5 Places to Visit in Ohio

You Got Your License! 5 Places to Visit in Ohio | 911 Driving School

Getting a driver’s license is a big deal. There are Online Drivers Ed classes to take, written exams, and a driving test to pass, not to mention the hours of practice behind the wheel.

Once receiving an Ohio license, take a road trip to celebrate. There are so many things to see here that you don’t even have to leave the state. If you need some ideas on where to go, here are five of the best places in Ohio to visit.

1. Brandywine Falls

Located inside Cuyahoga National Park, this spectacular waterfall is a sight to behold. The tiered rocks under the falls make for a beautiful and unique look. There are three levels to hike that each give a different perspective of the falls and each one is worth the trip. The best time to see the falls is in the spring when the run-off provides a lot of water through the area.

2. National Museum of the US Air Force

This specialty museum is a great stop in Dayton. There is a wide variety of airplanes on display that have descriptions on their uses and why they were used. If you have ever served in the Air Force, have a family member who served, or just want to learn more about this branch of the military, plan a visit to this museum.

3. Toledo Museum of Art

Dubbed one of the best art museums in the world, the Toledo Museum of Art features paintings by Renoir, sculptures by Alexander Calder, and a stunning collection of glass. If you are bringing children on this road trip, look at the schedule for some of the free art activities. There is also an on-site café that has different tasty selections available. The best part is that the museum is always changing so even if you have been here before, it is worth another visit.

4. Historic Kirtland

A highly rated stop on travel sites, this city is a travel back in time. See how many of the former residents of the city lived in the 1800s. During Christmas time, there are nativities on display from all around the world with beautiful detail. Take a free guided tour throughout the immaculate grounds, buildings, and learn about the former ways of life that once existed.

5. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

For a stop that is both fun and educational, check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. This has one of the biggest collections of rock memorabilia with instruments, art, and videos. Stop in the theater for a seat-shaking experience watching legendary performances. Exhibits include different periods of rock and roll, specific artists, and even a feature for the 50th anniversary of Rolling Stone Magazine in 2017.

Using your driver’s license for a road trip is a great way to put it to use. If needed, get your parents permission and map out the path. Make sure you bring along your license and registration, an emergency kit, and plenty of snacks. Put your new-found freedom to use and hit the open road.

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