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You Got Your License! Here are 5 Places to Visit in Washington

You Got Your License! 5 Places to Visit in Washington | 911 Driving School

Hooray- you have your driver’s license! One of the most memorable things you can do now is to travel around your state. After getting parental permission, or even having them come along for the ride, grab some snacks and get comfortable in the driver’s seat. If you are up for a road trip and have a Washington license, here are five great places you should add to your list of stops.

1. Snoqualmie Falls

This is a tourist hotspot in Washington for good reason. These falls are about 100 feet taller than Niagara Falls. Stop at one of the lookouts or put on your hiking shoes and hit the trails. Just don’t get caught up in the daredevil activities that sometimes occur here, like walking a tightrope across the canyon or even using a parachute to get a closer look.

2. Mount St. Helens

Here in Washington, the locals have always known about the majestic beauty of Mount St. Helens, but after the 1980 eruption, it gained a lot of attention. There is a National Monument in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, but there is more to see. There are hiking trails up to the top so you can see the partially imploded volcano. If you want to know more, there is a Science and Learning Center that teaches about the surrounding ecosystem.

3. Port Angeles

This is a mid-sized city that has optimum placement, right outside the Olympic National Park. From this city, you can see the ocean, Victoria, Canada, and long stretches of ocean. Stopping here on a road trip is great because you can take it easy, avoid the crowds, and just enjoy the beauty that Washington has to offer.

4. Leavenworth

This town has a long history in the state of Washington. It used to have a strong logging and sawmill economy, but it started to fail in the 1960s. For a time, this town was turned into a tourist destination to keep it going. Now it is known for their Christmas Lighting Festival, Nutcracker Museum, and the Bavarian-style buildings.

5. Seattle

This is a location that is full of fun things to do but usually is reserved for a more experienced driver. If you are up for a challenge, go downtown, grab some famous coffee, and see everything- the Space Needle, the museums, and the famous gum wall. If you’re up for walking around and really experiencing the local culture, stop in at Pike’s Place for some of the farmer market goodness. There are plenty of unique food options mixed with many fine dining experiences too. You can find just about anything in Seattle.

There are many more places you can add to your road trip plans, but this is a good starting point for hitting some beautiful areas of Washington. Road trips are more fun with company, so bring along a friend or bribe your family to come along. Make sure you always bring along some extra money for gas, souvenirs, and extra food because you will need it. Last, but certainly not least, bring along your shiny, new driver’s license too.

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