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The 911 Driving School Story

Since qualified instructors are the most important aspect of any drivers education program, you are probably asking yourself, “What makes 911 Driving School Instructors different from every other driving school?” Every instructor at 911 Driving School is a police officer, firefighter or EMT. 911 Driving School was founded by a police officer and designed to be staffed by public safety personnel. Considering their constant, up-to-date traffic enforcement and driver safety training, why would you want to learn from anyone else?

Driving School and the Officer Difference

  • Expert Knowledge of Motor Vehicle Laws
  • Experts at Road Safety
  • Community Respect
  • Unmatched Experience
  • Real World Lessons to Share

Driving School Classrooms

Our 911 Driving School classroom environment is professional, friendly, informative and fun. We use state-of-the-art-technology, videos and PowerPoint presentations, combined with interactive classroom participation to create a fun multi-media learning environment. Drivers education is serious business but who said it can’t be fun also?

Drivers Education from an Expert

As police officers, firefighters and EMT’s, our instructors have a vested interest in creating a safer driving environment. Doesn’t it make sense to trust your students drivers education to an expert? Having a 911 Instructor impress upon our students the importance of safety behind the wheel. As a result, our students learn lessons of responsibility they will never forget and have the opportunity to see police, firefighters and EMT’s in a positive light as instructors and mentors.

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“When I was asked to be involved in 911 Driving School and saw what the objective of the school was, I didn’t have to think twice about being involved. Being an instructor for 911 has given me the opportunity to give to young drivers the quality and knowledge of instruction that I wish my own sons could have received.” Bill Michels

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